I need help with my dreams

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I need help with my dreams

Postby Pixelman » 06 Nov 2016 14:38

This will be my first post here on WLD so I want to just start of by saying - Hello everyone!

I've always been scared of the dark, as a child and even today as an adult. The difference is though that in my aduls I've started to develop schizophrenia, based on my own conclusion. Every night, I have this terrible feeling that somebody is haunting me.
I don't know who nor how it look like. The only thing I know is that I can feel it close to me and sometimes I panic because of weird sounds, like the outside wind on the mirrors.

I've been experience with Chakra (meditation) (music vibration) , Lucid Dreaming (reality check) (dream journal) and Astral Projection (sleep paralysis) (Vibrations) (Out of body)

To sum this up.

I started with Lucid Dreaming as something fun, to be more aware of my dreams and I am happy that I started with my journal. I've written my dreams in over 1 year. I only write dreams which I can remember very clear. I always write details, my feelings and other vital information.
This has helped me to understand more about my subconcious and warnings signals in my mental health.

When I started with Chakra it was for pure meditation but I explored Astral Projection as well.
I dream a lot, 3-4 dreams every night or I can keep a dream going for a very long time. When I tried Astral projection I tried it with music to help get the OOB experience. This worked and I felt how I left my body but I have never been able to open my chakra eye.
My Astral Projection experience turned out to just me one crazy, confusing and most time end up in nightmares.
I realised very quickly that Astral Projection was not my thing. At this point of time I was not extremely scared of it. As I did A LOT of research on the subject before I even tried myself.

Now to my issue....
I don't meditate with chakras or try to get into Astral Projection anymore, AT ALL. The only thing I do is to listen to sleep hypnosis before I go to sleep, just sometimes though. Most of the times when I feel down or the times when I feel haunted. Keeping my dream journal is something I still do because it helps me to control and understand my dreams.

In a regular night, I read or watch tv until I sleep or those nights when I'm really tired I just go to sleep straight away. My issue is though that many nights, 5/7 days in a week I end up in a mix between sleep para and OOB experience.
I can go to sleep and it takes me 3 minutes and I feel the vibration and BAM I'm leaving my body.
I then start dreaming (I think) because I always try to stay awake during the OOB expeirence. Dream about a terrible nightmare and I wake up, scared as fuck.

So what I really want to talk about is my last dream.

I went to bed, laying on the side to avoid OOB. I was very tired and I just had to lay on my pillow and starting to feel that something is coming to me. Like this haunting feeling. I could see the air was different almost like in shape of blurr or dust.
I was thinking that "Oh no. Another OOB is coming" and this time I tried to keep my eyes fully open to avoid my OOB.
I felt that my sleep para was coming before the OOB so to try avoid it. Eyes open. The best way to kill the sleep para is to just breathe irregularly.

Anyway. So I went to bed, 1 minute on the pillow with eyes open I felt sleep para, notice this haunting thing coming from my feet to my head and then everything around me started to shift color. That is when I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see scary things (which never has happend before btw)

Second after I closed my eyes, I left my body. Then I came into a dream state of mind but fully aware.
I was in my home and somebody told me to lead the way of where I wanted to go. If I leave my body i always go outside my home, on the street to see how everything looks.
This time on the other hand I went a cross the street, few 100s meters away to a graveyard which actually exist IRL.
He then told me that he could give me everything I wanted. This is where I saw who the person was. He looked like the reaper without the reaper if that make sense.
I told him to summon me some nice clothes and suddently after that. He said that because he summoned me some clothes I was going to be stuck with him for eternety. Rigth after that I prayed to god for help and I woke up.

This is ONE of many dreams I have. The nightmares are always a terrible experience but this time, what scared me was that I went into sleep para and OOB after just 1 minute with eyes open.
The fact that I go into OOB after maybe 5 minutes happens so many times I can't even count. Always ends up in a nightmare and usually follows up with additional nightmares until I finally start to dream normal.

Like I previously said. I think I am suffring of schizophrenia because of long time depression. I need help or advice or just some attention.

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Re: I need help with my dreams

Postby jasmine2 » 08 Nov 2016 23:17

I think that the grim reaper character in your dream sounds like a con man. He is pretending that he is very powerful and can control you "for eternity". Tell him to buzz off. In the first place, in the dream world, you have the creative ability to imagine and conjure up your own nice clothes, or anything else you want.

Real, authentic dream guides or guardians will be rooted in a source of wisdom and love, and they will only have your own best interests at heart.

I recommend the following resources -
(1) Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner
See especially - Chapters :
# 5 - Independent agents and the voice of the unconscious
# 11 - Varieties of dream figures
# 7 - Experiencing the light of awareness

(2) Article - "Hypnagogia and hypnopompia/ Dream Studies Portal - dreamstudies.org

(3) Article - "Overcoming Nightmares" - The Lucidity Institute - lucidity.com
This is a chapter from book by Stephen LaBerge

(4) Book - "Journeys Out Of The Body" by Robert Monroe

(5) Book - "Adventures Beyond The Body" by William Buhlman

(6) Book - "Conscious Dreaming" by Robert Moss
Also, see - The Robert Moss Blog _ mossdreams.blogspot.com

(7) Past Issues/ Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine - dreaminglucid.com

(8) Website - Health Journeys - healthjourneys.com
Home - Menu -
Guided Imagery 101

(9) Book - "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" - by Carl Jung

(10) Article - "A Conversation With Dr. John Weir Perry" global-vision.org
A discussion regarding primordial healing imagery which may occur in mythology, dreams, and visionary/transpersonal experiences
(including the hallucinations of young people experiencing initial episodes of acute schizophrenia)

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