A Time For Republican Soul Searching

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A Time For Republican Soul Searching

Postby jasmine2 » 08 Nov 2016 00:00

The exhausting tumult of this 2016 presidential election campaign has, in many ways, metaphorically flung tons of mud at our country's beloved Statue of Liberty.

Tomorrow is election day, and we will finally know (hopefully) whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next president.
Emotional waves of allegations, hyperbole, hate-mongering and fact-bending have played havoc with the fundamental tasks of deciding -
- What constitutes actual substantive flaws versus strengths in a presidential candidate?, and
- Which view of reality of the world do I chose to live in?

I recommend the following intelligent article. -

"Is There Life After Trump?" - nytimes.com - Nov. 5, 2016
(There is also a link to this article at - realclearpolitics.com)

The author, Peter Wehner, is a lifelong Republican. He presents a very honest, thoughtful discussion regarding destructive trends which have emerged within the Republican party during the past decade and how the party needs to reinvent itself.

- Excerpts -
> "Somewhere along the way large numbers of Republicans began to devalue serious ideas." ...
They "began to dismiss the craft of governing" ... and embraced "a deep hostility toward compromise and temperamental moderation." Example - the 2013 shutdown of the government

> "When conspiracy theories gain wide currency within a political party, it means it is losing - or has lost - contact with reality."

> Donald Trump's success "has emboldened ugly forces" ... "demonizing people of other races, cultures and faiths (and) demeaning women and war heroes."

** Republicans need to "wrestle with fundamental questions." **

"Will their party choose as its leaders people ---
> "who respect democratic institutions and traditions, or not?"

> "who conceive of America as a welcoming society or one that is racially and religiously closed?"

> "who are committed to helping or exploiting the weak and vulnerable?"

> "who admire or oppose tyrants?"

> "who respect truth or view it in purely utilitarian ways?"

> "who abhor ignorance or embrace it?"

> "Will Republicans gravitate toward leaders who have authoritarian tendencies, who incite violence in their followers, and whose personalities are vindictive, cruel and disordered?"

> Will the Republican party "be characterized by its aspirations or its resentments?"

> Which will be more important for Republicans, allegiance to the party, or allegiance to the "good of the whole" (country/world)?

(The author sums up his feelings) - "I love my country far more than I love my party."

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Re: A Time For Republican Soul Searching

Postby Pilgrim » 08 Nov 2016 01:08

I am a Republican. I am not racist. The selective quote of Trump is to make him appear racist for politics. Of the lawbreakers pouring across the border, he said some are good people. Of course, the full quote does not achieve the political goal.

Establishment-career-politician Republicans are out of touch with Republican voters, like me. This is why Trump crushed the likes of Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, etc.

Open borders and importing votes is the path that will ensure easier and continued success for Democrats in the next election. Government free money handouts will create blind allegiance. Such was the case for the tradition handouts for farmers in our country, which my ancestors benefited from.

An important myth is that good deeds must be carried out by the government, by issuing its saving tits. If humans were not raped or wealth by a horribly inefficient government, should we really assume that humans would not be opening charitable hospitals and caring for others. Do people really think that private charitable organizations would not go all over the world to help people in need of food, shelter, and clothing?

Government is about corruption. The income tax was originally only to be temporary as a result of world war.

Free market capitalism is increasingly rejected in favor of socialism. There is nothing wrong inherently with communism, socialism, etc. Communism was the government of early Christians. The problem of the US is that it will never have even a chance to pay off its massive debt unless it embraces the efficiency of capitalism. The endless regulation that requires armies of consultants must be eliminated for necessary growth.

Democrats need for people to be dependent on the government so that the government can be the savior. Everything needs be free. 2/3 of people have no need for college. People without college will be paying for price-gauged education. Free market opportunities, not endless freebies that destroy markets, must be embraced.

Democrat thought:
(1) wealth is a fixed amount. We must reclass wealth.
(2) Pass out "free" money and create government dependency, coupled with open borders to import votes.
(3) Government spending is never enough
(4) The debt does not matter.
(5) Business is evil. Profit greed is evil.

Shutting the government down. It worked great with Gingrich vs Bill Clinton several times in the 1990s. The way Ted Cruz read Dr. Seuss to us as he stood for hours and hours, with zero support--not good.

Democrats are living a fantasy to look good and get votes in the moment, on a path that will lead to economic and currency collapse.

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Re: A Time For Republican Soul Searching

Postby Pilgrim » 08 Nov 2016 02:14

So there is no "soul searching" for the less than majority who believe as do I. I will vote based on the values that I believe. If I become the only one voting a certain way, it does not matter, because my beliefs are not formed from the majority view.

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