Precog dreams & hoping to understand further..

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Precog dreams & hoping to understand further..

Postby flowermonkey92 » 09 Nov 2016 06:05

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this site and just hoping to explain my experiences and talk with others about theirs..
also interested in anyone's methods of increasing these experiences or understanding them further. I am fascinated by them but do not have accepting peers to talk about them with.. I searched for this outlet after thinking of a particular experience I had when I was very young. I thought.. these things have been happening to me all of my life but any time I bring them up I am met with skepticism.. which is normal.. I suppose.. I, after all, am skeptical of most things or try to be as it is good practice to stay discerning.. but I am starting to feel a need to think about these experiences I have had more.. I want to be more accepting of myself and more open to additional precognitive experiences..

So, to tell you about the very first precognitive dream I had or at least the very first I can remember and vividly remember having the "deja vu" feeling accompanied with it..

I was about 6-8 years old. Sitting in the middle row of seats on the right side of my parents green van looking out of the right side window towards our family's orchard. I had silly, bright purple, wind breaking pants on with a bright green and purple striped wind breaking jacket. With white Velcro tennis shoes of course. We pull in to the driveway of our orchard, next to the market. It is Autumn and there are TONS of pumpkins lined up for the customers. My younger brother is sat in the front seat next to my grandmother. My cousin is behind me holding a pin wheel out of the car window. My brother asks my grandmother a question that now.. I cannot remember.. and my brother responds.. this and the few seconds leading up to this moment is when I realize that I had done that/heard that/ saw that/ wore that/ etc.. before.. I distinctly remembered dreaming it. I then said out loud "I dreamt this." which I don't actually think my grandmother heard.. because she didn't respond.

This was the first experience with precog that I can distinctly remember and it is still an experience I think of often.. as it was so surprising at the time and so new.. Since then it has happened periodically throughout my life.. and usually it isn't anything important.. just a few moments that as they are happening in real life I have the realization that I have actually dreamt that exact moment in time previous to it happening. I don't usually notice immediately after a dream that something in it was precog.. I just kind of assume that it is part of my naturally accruing dream and then later on when it happens IRL I will have an "AH-HAH" moment.. I find this so strange but also intoxicating.. I do not actively think about having precog dreams.. they just happen.. and I feel that I should explore why this happens to me and if I could possibly increase the experiences or hone my ability to do this.. or possibly open myself up to more or different experiences.

I also think I should share that throughout my life I have had "gut feelings" that turn out to be right.. and find it extremely easy to understand how others around me are feeling without talking about it.. I have always felt.. sensitive.. connected.. but I feel like I suppress this natural tendency because it defies all logic and others around me defy it/don't experience it.

I would love to hear of your experiences.. your growth with your experiences/abilities.. how you experience precog.. Looking for some support and some spiritual growth..


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Re: Precog dreams & hoping to understand further..

Postby ctrain46 » 22 Nov 2016 03:07

Hey there-
I don't have any experience with precognition but I did for a short time feel very connected to ~something~ that let me basically know what everyone was thinking, essentially ESP - I would think of someone before they would call me, etc. - its interesting to note this was about 5 years ago, most prevalent when I was experiencing pretty heavy depression. I've since that time gotten much better mentally, and as such it seems this connection has faded. Not sure if it's a coincidence, but I am just now recently starting to try to get back into lucid dreaming/recording my dreams and things of this nature, it fascinates me so :)

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Re: Precog dreams & hoping to understand further..

Postby Philoni » 22 Nov 2016 19:49

I've had at least 2 precognition dreams.
I once dreamed that I was in school and one of my classmates was standing near the white board. She was looking to the teacher in the left and asked her a question. My other classmates were just playing talking and walking around.

However, like 3 days later the same thing happened. Exact question, exact position.
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Re: Precog dreams & hoping to understand further..

Postby Miraris » 22 Nov 2016 22:22

You're not alone.
I had these Deja Vus when I was around that age as well (6-7 years), but my constant thought of being perceived as "insane" made me supress it, and it stopped.

I've spent some time studying the occults and spirituality, and although I prefer to "trust" cold-harded evidence of science, I still have a hunch that these Deja Vus might go beyond that. I've been getting them recently as well (since may) but they've been kind of vague and not as "aha"-ish like when I was 6-7 years old. That's actually one of the reasons why I'm trying to achieve lucid dreams - to see if they become more comprehensible.

A kind lady I've spoken who studies "Karmic Astrology" claims that everyone have some sort of 'psychic ability' (some more inclined to get them moreso than others), but that society's focus on 'perceived reality', facts and evidence have suppressed people to not go the spiritual route, and therefore deny these tendencies.
Maybe, maybe not. It's interesting nonetheless. So I keep an open-mind and see if it'll lead me somewhere.

The 'gut feeling' or being intuitive is an empathic quality. You're probably highly observant?
Anyway, good luck. :D
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