great youtube documentary

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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great youtube documentary

Postby taniaaust1 » 13 Nov 2016 02:55

I enjoyed watching this so thought I'd share this here.

My own views based on my experiences are these experiences can be two different things

1/ real entities or demons
2/ the sleep/wake state producing hallucinations

I believe it can be very hard for many to tell these two things apart as the hallucinations can seem real and feel just as real as real life
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Re: great youtube documentary

Postby astrovineyard » 30 Nov 2016 21:20

Well, without evidence I think we can rule out demons. That leaves out trying to tell the difference between the two experiences. One's fear and helplessness simply make these hallucinations seem more real and terrifying, for, if they didn't seem that way, they'd be much easier to shrug off.

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