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Postby passingthrutime » 14 Nov 2016 09:23

Just toshin' it ;) anyway I just lost a fat journal with all my dreams so I wanted to record them before I forget any more, just got back into the mood for this . the best dream I've ever had I just experienced sometime around Independence Day, I was on a cloud or like mountain or something talking to one of my coworkers and then I Jumped off to dive into like a spring looking pool of water, the light reflecting off the waters showed all kinds of colors in a pattern so magnificent that my words fail me, I could feel my body rushing through the air and remained ecstatic from having that experience even after waking up , also had a dream where I was in an underwater cave type deal with a spaceship, the ship took off and I grabbed onto a fin or wing or whatever and cruised around and got a nice view of the black and whiteness of space, anyways I'm gonna write some more on another post. Edit: I just remembered that dream led to another sorta deal where I was on another planet that kinda had a The Maze Runner-scorch trials vibe or I guess it was like a picture of how I imagined the book as I was reading it or whatever, I remember being with a ragtag group of misfits in competition with other groups of kids, we were talking in a half destroyed building in a post apocalyptic dystopian landscape, like a huge destroyed metropolis covered with the sands from a harsh desert basically all these kids are competing to salvage the technology and find a way to survive SO there's like a big race competition like Mario kart or something or whatever and all the groups get to send one of their members to represent them and I get picked to be my teams racer. the race starts on the outskirts of the city on a track in the desert and we have this sorta robot guy who's racing with us so it's me and this robot guy in the lead and he shoots a sorta tornado at me but I avoid it and......I don't remember any more from that part but after that I'm out scavenging the city or whatever and I find this like secret door with a staircase leading down, I got a feeling that I'd just hit the mother load of the alien technology but that's all for that dream I'll try to record some more later

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