True Story

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True Story

Postby passingthrutime » 14 Nov 2016 12:38

I once had a dream where I was in a coliseum fighting another man , I used a spear and he held a sword, whenever we clashed I start to lunge and suddenly his sword splits into dozens which surround him. later were talking inside the walls of the stadium and he and a woman fly out the window. had a dream with a Beelzebub character which I think I posted somewhere else, anyway in it I kick his head into a stairwell and decapitate him but his head still talking, so I'm with another guy in a garage in some apartments and we get some power tools so we can like idk grind this head down but then a car pulls up and I drop the head down a drainage pipe like sewer grate. Dream where I Dive from a cloud or mountain into a magical looking spring Dream sitting in a passenger seat while a man drives me down a winding hill, he takes his hands off the wheel and says "No Hands!" and does jazz hands. once had a dream where I was standing on top of a bus at the top of this huge hill by my old house, anyway I jump off and fly down the hill and take out some giant attack on titan style, also had a dream where I was flying through a trippy landscape with the 3ds gear from that show Open to interpretation :lol:

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