Intense Emotion

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Intense Emotion

Postby edgzamora2 » 16 Nov 2016 23:51

I have been practicing how to Lucid Dream for a month now, and I have had several semi-lucid dreams throughout the weeks in the month ( if it makes sense). I have heard many people talk about Lucid Sex and how it feels real as if you were actually doing it in real life. I had never had Lucid Sex but I have kissed many girls in my dreams and it felt awesome. But I can only recall a semi-Lucid dream I had, where I had the most intense and emotional feeling. This was two days ago, I was in my old school and my teacher asked me to hand him over a DVD disc. At first I was like, “cool were gonna watch a movie”, but then I tried to read the title of the DVD box and it was scrambled up and didn't make sense. This triggered something inside me and I realized I was dreaming, I wanted to leave and do something awesome like fly or fight a monster etc., but I decided to see where this dream was going so I stayed. As I sat down back in my place I feel someones hand lay over mine, I look up and I see this incredibly stunning beautiful girl .She had golden blonde hair and her eyes were the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I did not kiss her or did anything sexual related. That touch of hand felt emotionally and physically intense as if it created a spark between us, I have never felt like this before and I am 100% sure that what ever I felt, it is without a doubt LOVE.

This got me thinking, had any of you had a dream that in a way wasn't a big deal but for you it's meaning was deeper?
and, what dream has emotionally impacted you?

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Re: Intense Emotion

Postby Philoni » 21 Nov 2016 03:50

Indeed! This kind of dreams often happen when you are
1. In love
2. Want a girlfriend
3. Want sex
But always remember this! Your brain doesn't have the capacity to create new characters. He always uses the ones you already saw. That blonde girl might be someone from your school you saw but not focused on her.
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Re: Intense Emotion

Postby Price » 21 Nov 2016 04:49

Emotions are different in dreams and often more intense. Even if you are lucid you still will encounter intense emotions. In spiritual teaches when you dream you enter another plane of existence. The astral plane. Your consciousness is no longer held in a body and our emotions are not dampened by having to be expressed through a physical body. Even if you don't believe in astral planes the metaphor is true. All emotions in dreams are more intense because they are not filtered through a physical body. This makes the good emotions amazing such as joy, happiness, and love. It makes the negative emotions worse like fear and sadness. Desire is an interesting emotion in that it can feel like it is tearing you up inside.

I have had many lucid dreams where I woke up soo happy because I saw something sooo beautiful, but I also would wake up utterly destroyed because the emotions were so intense. Why does this happen and what can we learn? I learned how to handle extreme emotions. To not lessen them, but to open and broaden my awareness to realize that I have a greater capacity to handle feelings then I previously thought possible.

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Re: Intense Emotion

Postby SleepyKitty » 24 Nov 2016 08:50

I've also experienced a lot of intensely emotional dreams myself. I remember one was about my deceased grandmother. I dreamt that my grandmother was about to pass away and was lying on her death bed, my parents sitting beside her and crying. I still remember it real vividly like it happened, and when I woke up, I was crying and shaking.

I also had lots of 'romantic' dreams with strangers or dream characters I made up. When I wake up from these kinds of dreams, I usually feel like I hadn't been asleep at all and my heart still pounding like mad.

Dreams are wonders.
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