My first lucid dream with nearly full control

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream with nearly full control

Postby phangz » 14 Jul 2012 15:41

This is the passage from my dream journal. i wrote down as much as i could, but i know that there are certain things missing and i left out some of the details that i could have put in just to get it all down before i forgot too much. should cover most of it, the basics at least. i might go over it later and add more detail as i remember it.

I'm talking about parkour with frosti from Tribe and he's being an ass. Things start to heat up and he fights me. He's mostly made of knex though, so I tear him apart. But then I see him running to a hallway in my house, no knex this time. I feel like he's going to start kicking my ass. But then the dream starts to end, I conciously try to re enter. It flickers for a second, then I enter the dream as frosti is approaching and put him down with two short hits. Its awesome.
I start to walk away, but walking is awkward. I get the hang of it though. So I guess at some point i'm flying, but i'm having difficulty thinking up landscapes. The place before me is like a map. I scroll to the himilayas and go down, but the dreamscape transports me to a deserty mountain setup. I accept it and try to fly, but I can't. I settle with a third person shooter sort of deal. I kill a few targets and move on. At some point I end up in the woods.
I see mary carrizales laying down on her stomach on a ledge, and I move in to have sex with her, but then I remembered that I was wanting to meet my dream guide. So I asked for him. He turns out to be Artie from Warehouse 13. I guess cause he's wise. So he starts to explain some things to me. I didn't even ask him any questions. My phone starts to go off. I throw it away, I dont want it to wake me up. I start to think that maybe it's my alarm starting to go off and slipping into my dream. Artie has the same idea, so he starts texting his message. I guess he was going to send it to me. I started wondering if it could actually reach my real phone. It doesnt. So I start reading it, but its mainly a bunch of bible verses and life lessons. I don't remember them though. Wish I had. I just wanted to try so many different things because lucidity never comes to me.
Anyway, now we're sitting at a table in a house and i'm talking to him. I decide that, based on my previous lust with mary, that maybe my subconcious has different dream guides for different situations. I ask for my sexual dream guide for sex dreams. One that will have sex with me any time I ask for her. To my surprise, rather than being taylor (my girlfriend) (actually, I realized that dream taylor might have different plans in mind, because dream characters often don't play by your rules only. They can represent something else to you.) it was actually an asian woman. I thought maybe it was Kim from Eureka, but now I think it could have been Centennial's Asian substitute teacher. Maybe she was just a random asian. I dont know. Anyway, I announce my surprise as she states something to explain why she was my sexual dream guide rather than someone else like taylor. Something about how someone or something left her alone and now she's lonely and horny. I pull her into my lap and start to grind on her, and she starts to moan and get horny. I feel like I woke up though, so I don't move at all and slip back into the dream, which is kind of a flicker and then a screen that focuses each time. All the sudden we are rapidly screwing each other. I stop it though, I dont need the intensity of sex dreams waking me up before i'm done with my dream. Henry Deacon is also there, and so is Allison Blake. But I go on my way. I have this idea to record everything on my ipod and maybe when I woke up i'd have a record of what went on last night. It didnt work.
But i'm in my house and I see that there's a sunset outside so I try to walk through the wall but I just run into it. I remember something about believing that you could do it, so I take a breath to calm myself, steel the fact that i'm in a dream, and run through the wall. But when i'm outside, its not sunset nor am I outside my house. The dream transported me into a very bad neighborhood, and the guy from christmas story and the guy who tried to arrest lattimer and myka in warehouse 13 with the shotgun was there. He was an idiot. There was some drug talk and I decided I didnt like this part of the dream.
As i'm walking away I start rocking out to my own beat and do air guitar. Then I realize maybe I can be a rock star and play the actual guitar. I steel that thought in my head and turn around (I do this after a couple failures cuz I couldn't figure out how I would actually get to a stage) and all of the sudden there is this giant outdoor ampitheatre/stadium thing with some people on it and a partially filled audience. Not the audience I was hoping for but still. I want to just fly down there, but as i've stated before, i'm having some trouble staying off the ground, but a few giant leaps over the crowd and i'm there. Unfortunately, the band that was up there (string quartet) was finishing up and people were leaving. I ask if I can play and they say sure and the violinist starts to hand me her violin but I ask for a guitar, see one off to one side, start to go after it and some chick picks it up. I ask if I can borrow it but she says no. so I settle for the violin. Unfortunately, I still can't play it, so I just say screw it and leave.
At some point in the dream i'm with Allison, some sort of dream support dream guide (from earlier when I was being introduced to several dream guides) and I start getting sexual with her. (before I was under the impression that we were in love and I was planning on marrying her and such, like I was sheriff carter from the show.) Things are going good and I decide that maybe I wanna try a threesome. So I call Kim and she walks around a corner and up to me. I start to pull her into the party by the waist when I look back at allison. Now she has these grotesque saggy giant boobs and looks like a complete turnoff. Says I haven't earned them I try picturing her like I remembered from the show but it doesnt change her back. So I let her go and start sucking on Kim's boob. A bus passes us. Then I start to make out with her. I give it a little tongue, but apparently its a lot of tongue and she walks away into the ladies room of a pool area.
I go in after her, and when I think she's giving me a blowjob its actually some sort of weird tube thing that connects to her mouth and she sucks me off through it and at first I think its fine because it's slippery but I tear it off and go for the real thing. She takes it all immediately. This is towards the end of the dream, but now i'm going back a little.
I'm in a sort of deserty type area and I look at my left hand and think that I want a hidden blade like from assassins creed. I move my hand and voila, a blade pops out. I try to make it stay out until I move my hand again but if I move my hand back to its normal position, the blade goes back in. so I settle for keeping my hand in the open position. I think its awesome. At some point I take my shirt off and realize that the blade is actually coming out of my actual wrist. Its pretty gruesome. I stop using it.
I call for kim again, but I hear her in my head say that she's back in bakersfield and to come to her. So I jump up in the air, fly over the google map type landscape from before and focus in on bakersfield. I look for her, and see her on this suspended platform thing thats crumbling. I go down and hold her while the platform gives way and we're falling thousands of feet down. I try to fly, but now all the sudden I can't (dream logic :/) anyway, we start having sex in midair as we fall. Its funny how even though I said I wouldn't focus on sex in this dream and that I would explore my options, I still come back to kim frequently.
Anyway, at some point I decide that i'm going to wake up and look at my ipod recording. It actually sort of worked, there were snapshots of what I recognized was my dream. I look through them and realize at some point that i'm actually in the dream. I need to wake up for real, so I slap myself, yell wake up, and after some darkness and shifting shades of grey my actual eyes open up and I feel the weight of gravity on me. It was an awesome dream and i'll come back to this entry often to help remember it.

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Re: My first lucid dream with nearly full control

Postby Intrepid » 15 Jul 2012 04:35

Lol, this dream had some parts that actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks for posting ;)

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Re: My first lucid dream with nearly full control

Postby stayburgerboyo » 12 Aug 2012 10:25

did you have fun touching random chicks and awesome guides and gf well just wondering if you ever actually did anything with your under part ? [i said under part because i don't like the other word] :[

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