Alarm Clock

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Alarm Clock

Postby TylerJP » 20 Nov 2016 01:55

Sorry If This Is In The Wrong Topic

So for my phone, it displays the wrong time so I can't set alarm clocks or timers. I use an IPhone 5c and I've done everything to fix it including factory reset, anyway that's not what i'm here for. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any sort of apps that run off they're own time instead of the time the phone is running on. I am currently attempting the FILD/WILD techniques but my alarm clock/timer never works (because the time is wrong on my phone). If they're are no apps does anyone have any other ideas to wake myself up?

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Re: Alarm Clock

Postby Philoni » 25 Nov 2016 02:09

Have you tried putting your time to the world time and not your manual time? You could also search in appstore "Alarms" and they will appear
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Re: Alarm Clock

Postby Venryx » 09 Jan 2017 20:08

Uhh, can't you just offset the alarm's time to how much the clock time is offset?

For example, if your phone says it's 3am when it's actually 1am, then its offset is 2 hours.

When you set an alarm then, just add that 2 hour offset; if you want to wake at 1am, enter 3am as the alarm time.

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