How do I increase dream vividness?

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How do I increase dream vividness?

Postby WillRogers » 14 Jul 2012 22:29

I have had three lucid dreams before. one a couple months ago, one a couple weeks ago, and one last night. It's been said that you are likely to have a lucid dream the first night after you hear about it, which was what happened to me. It lasted only a minute, and I had not the time to even get out of bed before I woke up, but I remembered it like it actually happened. It was like a certain part of me fell into the dream that had never been there before, and I began to freak out because I didn't like the feeling at first and that's how I woke up. But the other ones, I knew I was dreaming, but it was as vivid as any normal dream. In fact, the third one was foggier than the second. However, I remember knowing I was dreaming, but I did not feel that awareness come to me as it did in my very first lucid dream. Which leads me to the thought that I was dreaming that I was lucid dreaming. Is that possible? And I only remember fragments of my third lucid dream. I don't even remember how I became lucid.

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Re: How do I increase dream vividness?

Postby Vividlife17 » 20 Jul 2012 19:16

Your dream can become more vivid simply just by asking!! Shout out clarity, or clarify you'll be surprise at what happens!!!

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