Gateway to the dreamspace.lucid dreaming on demand(at will).

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Gateway to the dreamspace.lucid dreaming on demand(at will).

Postby alij8000 » 25 Nov 2016 18:11

i've had over a 100 LD's as long as 20 minutes real time,since i started doing isha kriya 6 months ago,
i wasn't trying to have them they just happend in form of WILD's and DILD's,

Im Trying To Create A Permenant Gateway To the lucid Dreamspace,one that can be opened and entered trough on demand,
without having to do a specific thing or whilst your trying to sleep or something that has certain prequisites that are hard to come by,
so that we can all enter this dreamspace ,unto this unknown,whenever should we wish it,perferebly just by sitting in a comfrotable posture,closing the eyes,and opening them into the dreamspace as you blink.
this would open up endless posibilities,
i've alredy spent some 20 LD's trying to find a way to do this,
all of which have failed.
BUT i have indeed confirmed trough these failure that it is possible!
its to my surprise and very unfortunate as well,that the dream itself,or whatever inhibits its nature,tends to prevent you from doing this,for whatever the reason.
here is what i've gathered so far :

-Engraving a decree unto the dreamspace , such as a command,that you would expect to be obeyed,will not yield results,
the dream will wash it away as it did several times with me,i engraved a decree more or less like this : ''Close these eyes thereafter smelling rosemary,open unto the engraved at will'',the walls of the dream fell apart,water came out the ground and everywhere and washed off the engraving.
i was interrupted and woken up.thats just one of the 4-5 times i've tried this and each time the same thing happens.

-Setting Settings trough a Programming terminal,i used a computer to try and rewire myself trough a command line added to basically ''my windows :D'',it didn't work.the goddamn computer restarted before i could finish,and the next dream the computer just didn't power up,next i tried the same on a phone,but the screen was all blurred out.i ''unblured it'' and it went full green i couldn't see anything on the screen.

-Asking my spirit guide how to enter a lucid dream without sleeping first,two times in fact,and he said both times to sit in a cross legged posture,keep my spine erect,and each time it would get to this part and the dream would kick me out!

-Setting a trigger for inducing a lucid dream with food,it didn't work,the foods inside the dream are ever so slightly diffrent than the foods in reality,i could not find the food from the dream to be the same as this world even tough they were extreamly simmilar.

So if anyone wants to help,you are much welcome to try with me,i'll be keeping my LD's only for this purpose from now on,and i have 1 at a miniummum every 2 days sometimes 2 in 1 day,
i'll keep this updated and hopefully more people will join me.

what i plan to try next :

1-ask the dreamer of dreams how to do it.
2-open a gate and enter awakening , basically the reverse of a Dream Exit,and see what happens in hopes that it would let me undrestand better how entering the dream works by going out of it out of my own accord and analyzing the process.
3-Reverse anchoring,i'll try anchoring a certain action to exiting the dream,so that maybe when i do the same action while awake,it would transit me into the dreamspace.such as touching the tips of my thumbs and conciously transiting out of the dream by closing my eyes spontaniously.

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Re: Gateway to the dreamspace.lucid dreaming on demand(at will).

Postby Philoni » 26 Nov 2016 02:55

You lost me. Are you trying to make a gateaway like just by closing your eyes enter a lucid dream automatically created by you with a specific mantra or command?
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Re: Gateway to the dreamspace.lucid dreaming on demand(at will).

Postby alij8000 » 26 Nov 2016 06:07

yes,my apologize maybe i could've explained better.

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