Strange paralysis phenomenon

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Strange paralysis phenomenon

Postby Rich » 26 Nov 2016 02:57

Hi, folks

Since I've became interested in LDs, I'm regularly experiencing a sleep paralysis. Usually it happens while I'm waking up, not while falling asleep. But there is a strange phenomenon that often happens just before a paralysis. The general scheme of this:

--- I'm watching an ordinary non lucid dream. No matter how deep it is. No matter how abstract, strange or surreal it is. Let's assume I'm in a room in house of my relatives. Nothing special is happening.

--- I see "something". Usually that is a primitive form/figure/shape... There would be nothing scary while awake. But in situations like that I'm trying to describe this "something" is very scary. For example I see sth like a geometrical figure. Several connected lines levitating in the room. I would say that this is creature, but it looks too abstract, to call it like that.

--- My state is beginning to change. I feel that this is not an ordinary dream anymore. I'm concentrating on this "something" (I don't know why). And then all the usual (for me) feelings of sleep paralysis are arising - fear and feeling of "viscous static electricity" around my body. Than BANG! I'm understanding who I am and where. I cant move several seconds. And this is the end.

1. Do you experience something similar? Tell, please! ))
2. Is feeling of "viscous static electricity" familiar to you? That's really an interesting thing and seems to be worth of a separate discussion)
3. The main. How can you explain the happening? What are all that strange figures? Creatures? My own thoughtform? Why I've hadn't seen that scary stuff before I knew about LDs?

Sad, but seems that there is no way back and my sleep process will never be the same.
Thanks, you've read this)
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Re: Strange paralysis phenomenon

Postby Philoni » 26 Nov 2016 14:17

I did experience something similar. Check out my thread:

But yours may be a little different. Try not to interrumpt your sleep cycle so often just to lucid dream. People sometimes don't trust me but it's like a drug, like an addiction to LD's. So remember, try not to interrumpt the sleep cycles so often and maybe try the WILD technique since it doesn't interrumpt the sleep cycle
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Re: Strange paralysis phenomenon

Postby Rich » 26 Nov 2016 16:36

Philoni wrote:Try not to interrumpt your sleep cycle so often just to lucid dream

Thanks for response.

But... I apparently did not exactly put. Also I'm probably off-topic because actually it's not about LDs. Maybe would be better to put my topic here]

Described cases evidently caused by my interest in LDs in the past, but not by present attempts to have LDs. I did interrupt my sleep quite often some years ago but soon I stopped doing that. There were some scary experience and I decided that first I have to settle some problems in real life, become more deliberate and mature :)

So now I don't carry out intentional attempts to have LDs. But nevertheless I have it:
Rich wrote:there is no way back and my sleep process will never be the same

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