How To Induce The Dream?

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How To Induce The Dream?

Postby Parralasys » 28 Nov 2016 17:17

I am completely new to Lucid dreaming and last night I tried the FILD technique.
I was extremely tired and did the Finger Induced Lucid Dream technique and got some results.
I am guessing I had sleep paralysis, Not in a bad way because I was expecting it.
My feet began to tingle and feel sort of numb and this spread to my face.
My heart beat began to race extremely fast probably due to my excitement so I kept trying.
I sat there inducing the Sleep Paralysis and I felt as if I was being dragged down my bed.
I did not see any visuals and did not seem to dream but only sit there tingling and numb and felt like I was falling.
How do I induce the actual dream part as I did not seem to get it?

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Re: How To Induce The Dream?

Postby Philoni » 02 Dec 2016 02:23

Were you sleeping laying your back? Try not to because that causes sleep paralysis (not a bad a thing but it's scary. You have to keep playing the piano for 10-30 seconds ad just opens your eyes and do a reality check
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Re: How To Induce The Dream?

Postby ctrain46 » 08 Dec 2016 06:42

why not on your back?

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Re: How To Induce The Dream?

Postby CaptainDrak » 08 Dec 2016 06:54

I was once complaining to a friend about having trouble getting through the transition phase of a WILD into the actual dream. I told them I knew that I was supposed to lay on my stomach, because laying on your back was bad. In response, they said "you should lay however is most comfortable."

Guides are very useful, but I find that no positioning requirement in a guide can ever compare to what is actually comfortable for you. The entire point of these techniques is for your body to fall asleep, and if you aren't comfortable you can't do that. Distractions will interfere with your transition phase more than missing a few repeated somatic mechanics ever can. So get comfortable before trying any WILDs of FILDs, and make sure that you stay that way, is my advice.

To address your question directly, I think just practice. Most techniques don't work for people instantly, and excitement is the hardest thing to combat. It's what kept me from completing transitions when I first started WILDs, and it's what still keeps waking me up during lucids. The more familiar the transition phase becomes, the less excited you will become, the less your heart will race, and the easier it will be for your body to fall asleep. Stick with it, you're on the right track, it will just take time.

In the mean-time, be sure to record the experiences you have during your attempted transitions. It will help you know what to expect on future attempts.

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