Lucid Dream Answers (Not what I expected)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid Dream Answers (Not what I expected)

Postby Price » 28 Nov 2016 20:27

I have been reading Lucid Dreaming-Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner and decided to try some of his suggestions.

Before Going to Bed I set the intention to:
1. Contact the Dream Creator (I call the Dreamer behind the Dream)
2. Ask the Dream Creator how I can have more lucid dreams

Here was my results.

I became lucid and did a reality check (plugged my nose and tried to breath). I then started to fly over a nighttime landscape. I was flying over a old large lava bed. There was smooth black rock and strange symbols carved over the rock. I flew to an area where people were doing an excavation. In the rock being excavated was a statute of a woman made out of stone. The head was an actual person, and it looked like the person was in cased in the statute, because the head didn't match with the body. This was the only activity around in the dream so I flew in. I decided to ask the statute my questions.
Q. What is your name?
A. Andrew
ummm ok, not what I was expecting.
Q. How can I experience more lucid dreams?
A. You need to stay up until 1-3am and then go to sleep, you will experience a lucid dream if you do that
Q. Can I sleep until 1 and then get up and then go back to bed between 1-3? Staying up until 1 is really hard for me.
A. Yes I guess you can do that if you want.

I was not impressed with the answers I got, so I decided to ask the dream directly since I might get more insight into the answer this way. I turned into the night and ask my dream
Q. Dreamer behind the Dream (that is what I call it, because it sounds poetic) Are you there?
two voices rang out in the darkness. Remember it is nighttime on a rock lava bed.
A. We are Here
Q. Who are you
A. We are Steve and Kate.
Q. What are you?
The dream dissolves into blackness and then a pixelated version of a fire appears. the fire becomes real. the fire is coming from a lava vent, and occasionally I can see actual hot lava coming up out of the fire. Across the screen of my vision appears a list of words from all across the world. The only word I recognize is HARA from Hindu theosophy. I recognize the word and realize that this is the center of my being where all life energy comes forth. That Steve? and Kate? The Dreamers Behind the Dream are my connection to my Self.

I wake up.
Thoughts: I find it hilarious that the names are so common. Steve, Kate, Andrew. I also find it interesting that when I asked about how to lucid dream better that the dream gave back some basic answers. Answers that I can find in a book, it did tell me specific time range which is neat. I also liked the metaphysical picture of fire coming from the lava in the center of the earth and a symbol for my Self, and as the source of life, power, and heat. Also I woke up at 3:15am.

Dream Two (same night):
1. Contact the Dream Creator (I call the Dreamer behind the Dream)
2. Ask the Dream Creator how I can have more lucid dreams

I am at a party and on the phone. I am talking to a friend who asks me if I can go out to this event with him tonight. I start looking at my phone calendar and decide to do a random reality check (nose) I realize I am dreaming, but don't believe it. I do the reality check a couple of times and sure enough I am dreaming. I look around and I am in a house full of people. I start to shout out into the party. I would like to contact the Dreamer behind the Dream. Everyone in the party stops and looks at me. They start to gather around and ask each other what I am doing. Everyone in the party starts to link hands and it becomes like a seance or a big prayer before a meal. Everyone is silent now and looking at me. I shout out again. I would like to contact the Dreamer behind the Dream. The lights in the house start to flicker and everyone starts talking and shouting. Oh My God, did the lights just flicker, is this a trick? Some people start to panic, like they are seeing a ghost, other people are interested. Shoving starts to happen as some people start to leave the party.

Suddenly my friend Georgia (in real life) pushes into me and the people next to me, and we are all thrown through a wall and appear in another really small room. In this small room is a male friend dream character (we will call Bob) and a female friend dream character who looks like a real friend Tanya. The three of us slowly walk out of this small room into another slightly bigger room. this room is big enough for a couch some chairs and a book shelf and some toys. There is no other entrances except where we came from. In this new room are sitting two people. I assume it is the Dreamer behind the Dream because I was just asking for them, and last time i called them I got two people. So I assumed these new two people were them.

In the room we have.
The Dreamer behind the Dream (two people)
Dream Friends Bob and Tanya
and ME

I kneel down in front of The Dreamers Behind the Dream and ask them
Q. What are your names?
A. Ummm, (It is like they are trying to figure out what their names are, coming up with them on the spot)
I tell them, we will call you Steve and Kate. They are ok with that.

Q. Can you teach me how to lucid dream more?
Steve starts talking and I realize that if I sit here and look at them the dream will start to dematerialize so I ask if I can walk around whey they talk. Kate says ok

I start to walk around the room and realize that it is really small. There is no where to pace. Also Tanya and Bob are in the room. So moving is going to be hard. I take a deep breath and tell me self to calm down, If I stay calm the dream will stay. I then realize that if I do something with my hands I can hopefully keep in the dream. I sit back down in a chair opposite Steve and Kate on the couch and I ask Bob if he would like a shoulder massage and he comes and sits at my feet so I can massage his shoulders why I am listening to Steve talk about lucid dreaming. It works wonderfully. I am listening to Steve and also my attention is focus and changing as I feel out tension and muscles. (It is not that strange if you know me and my friends)

Steve is talking about lucid dreaming, but he is reciting like it is from a book, there is no new information. I get board with the question, so I decide to ask a new questions. Offered up from the Robert Waggoner book.

Q. Tell me about something important that is going to happen to me Today? (It was 3:00 in the morning when I was dreaming this).
Steve looks at me and says
A. How am I suppose to know what is going to happen to you today.
Q. You are my unconsciousness, you are suppose to have access to these kinds of things
A. I'm unconscious, yes, but you are unconscious right now, so is Kate, so is everyone in this dream, we are all unconscious. Do you have any special insight into the future now that you are unconscious? I look and try to feel anything.
Q. No.

I wasn't about to give up. In Robert's book he talks about using objects as a way to get messages from your unconsciousness. I turn to Steve and Kate and say ok, watch. I go over to look for an object that can carry a message. I dump out a bucket of toys and decide to use the empty bucket. I show everyone the empty bucket and say ok, I am going to ask my question, turn the bucket upside down and when I flip the bucket back up there will be the answer in the bucket.

I ask to be shown something that I will do or see today. I flip the bucket upside down onto the carpet, I wait a bit and then flip it back over. TADA! There was a cornbread bean casserole on the carpet. I tasted it, and it tasted good. I was kind of disappointed. I decided to end the dream.

Interp: Robert says that if I don't truely expect an answer, that I won't get it. Maybe that is why I can't get a dream about the future. (I will be on the look out for a cornbread bean casserole, I might make one tonight, just because) I also think that Steve's answer about how to lucid dream was interesting because it tells me that I know what I need to know, I just have to practice. No new information was revealed.

Thoughts from the community?

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Re: Lucid Dream Answers (Not what I expected)

Postby Philoni » 29 Nov 2016 02:32

It was very interesting to read. Now you know, this is why I don't buy lucid dreaming books
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Re: Lucid Dream Answers (Not what I expected)

Postby Sunflowerbader » 29 Nov 2016 21:59

Robert Waggoner wrote a lot of interesting stuff in his book but I very quickly got bored of reading how he instinctively knew this or that during his experiments. He comes across a someone who wants to find metaphysical stuff, like Carlos Castaneda, and so he finds it everywhere. He also talks about the number of people who have disagreed with him so he sounds like he enjoys a bit of controversy and being noticed.

I like the idea that there is something more than just ourselves in our dreams, but I won't believe it until I experience it for myself. I love the names in your dreams. Maybe that speaks of your own pragmatism and humour. I am sure if you try hard enough you could also summon a fancier named dreamer of the dream, they could even have a shiny jacket with dry ice coming out of the pockets. My suspicion is that when pressed the may still just read you the ingredients from a cereal packet or somesuch.

I love your description of you dreams, and your honesty about the details. You have also answered a topic I started elsewhere about asking for help with lucid dreaming from the DBTD, so thank you. :D

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Re: Lucid Dream Answers (Not what I expected)

Postby Pederpan » 07 Dec 2016 11:30

You made me lol when you uncovered the cornbread bean casserole. What revelation, thanks for the laugh.
I am in the same space in my ld's (and in life) : how can I access something beyond myself?

Truth is I can't, no one can access something beyond themselves.
The solution is to recognize that you are everything, then everything is accessible.
This is true, you are everything whether you want to admit it or not.

It is as simple as this Price, but due to habit I am used to identify myself as such and such, so in my ld's, only that which constitute my identity is available.

A specific thing I did years ago to acquire knowledge into events was to lie down on the ground (in the physical), feeling the attraction of the earth. Feeling how the earth is vastly big, that I am hugging it and connected to all of it, I am feeling all of it. Then i ask my question knowing I am connected to everything. it worked well, I got information about future events that I used successfully.

Key is being EVERYTHING, FEELING everything.

If everything overwhelms you, start out by feeling something you are ok with: 'I access all information on ......., because I am ........
It seems tactile feeling is a good way for you, play around and have fun. Ask questions also in the wake state, and the answer will come to you during the day or the next while you are around doing something else. 'I'm everything so this is accessible to me; how can I do this or that?'

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