Strange experiances during dreaming

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Strange experiances during dreaming

Postby ChaseSpades » 29 Nov 2016 04:14

So in the last few years, lucid dreaming started coming to me naturally, ive never had to use any of the techniques to do it. Problem is although I'm aware I'm dreaming I can't exert to much control over the dream without waking myself up.

How it usually goes is I either just let events unfold naturally in the dream and can make small changes to the environment or people, usually I try to make a girl appear... for reasons...., or I'll try to fly or give myself godlike powers, same stuff everyone tries I imagine.

The success of this varies between dreams. If I try too hard I begin to feel myself waking up and have to stop.

What that leads to usually is the entire dream freezing around me. No people are there, no new events happen, tho I'm still in control of myself. I haven't been able to alter the dream from this state once I'm there.

If anyone has any ideas why this happens and any ideas on how to strengthen my control over the dream scape it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Strange experiances during dreaming

Postby Price » 29 Nov 2016 05:59

Here are a couple of tips.

Learning to control your dream takes time. Advanced Lucid Dreams forget the years they took to learn how to control their dreams. I slowly learned first how to fly, then how to move objects with my mind, then how to control other dream characters, then how to create whole dreams. It is ok that you can't do everything yet.

Start with one thing you want to do most. It is important that this is something that you really want to do. In you waking life imagine doing that. For example flying. Ask yourself all sorts of questions, what would it feel like, are you weightless, or are your being pushed through the air like a jet? Then think about how you are going to start flying, are you going to jump off of something, or are you going to rise up off of the floor? Are you going to step up and suddenly be levitating? Imagine what you want to do and imagine how you are going to do it. Practice in your waking life. The next time you Lucid Dream then try your new technique. You will find that it will work. Here is the good news, once you learn how to do it, you will be able to do it next time without trying. Each thing you learn, you get to keep forever. So it is worth it. The first thing you learn will be hard, but the next thing (telekinesis for example) will be easy. I can give tips and tricks, but that is the basis.

Ok so you try too hard and you wake up. Ok that is another problem.

First you have to stay calm. Focus on breathing in your dream. Tell yourself to calm down. Slow and steady. Don't try, remember there is no actual effort that you need to do, you just need to believe (and trick) yourself into doing it.

Second, if the dream starts to fade, then you can try and recover the dream, by focusing on the dream. I start walking and start looking at everything. Or you can ride out the dream as it fades away and wait for the next one to form. Touch and sound are the last to go even if sight is all gone. So clap your hands as the dream fades and as long as you feel and hear the clapping the next dream will come in. You will be coming up into the walking world, but as long as you focus on dreaming you will dive down deeper soon enough.


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Re: Strange experiances during dreaming

Postby ChaseSpades » 29 Nov 2016 06:38

I will deffinetly keep these in mind and try it out. When the dream begins to fade I usually rub my hands together (if i remember to do it) because I was told it helps restore the vividness of the dream.

The point of it not putting forth to much effort is interesting to tho I think it will take me some time figuring out how to put it into practice. :p

Also, I didn't realize it was so necessary to mentally envision the feeling of what your actually trying to do in the dream. But "just wanting somthing to happen" doesn't seem to be consistent so I'll start trying that.

One concern I have tho, is it normal to vividly feel pain in lucid dreams. Mostr recent example, the other night I was in a dream, and for some reason or other, some girl decided to jab me in the spine with a syringe, and I remember thinking, "holy ****, why didn't that wake me up".

I'd like to avoid similar experiances. Any tips for doing so?

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