Is my free will shut off? Does anyone else have this?

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Is my free will shut off? Does anyone else have this?

Postby Ikamon.13579LD » 16 Jul 2012 05:10

Ive gotten up to my sixth LD and ive never truly controlled a single one. I know all the suggested routes are to try and boost your awareness through some mental or physical action. My only problem is that I cant control myself. In every one of them, my mind has been clouded and forced to act as if the dream was real life even though I had full recognition of the fact that I am dreaming. It was as if my mind wasnt woken enough to even think for itself. I have a very decent dream recall amd am not sure what is causing this. Does anyone else have this or know how to help it?

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Re: Is my free will shut off? Does anyone else have this?

Postby Rebecca » 16 Jul 2012 23:42

This can be really frustrating when it happens, I wake up frustrated I had a "lazy" lucid dream. I just get stuck in zombie mode, even though I am technically semi-lucid, I don't bring it to full lucidity and it feels like an opportunity lost.

That's what it sounds like anyway - just a symptom of not having reached full lucidity, so while parts of your conscious are awake, the dream is still created by the subconscious self and you feel you have no real influence over it. It's also a lot easier to get lost in the dream again and lose lucidity altogether.

You need to find a way to increase your level of conscious awareness of the dream, one that works for you. What happens when you do dream stabilization techniques? ie thorough reality checking, rubbing your hands together, demanding more clarity, focusing on near objects. Does the dream intensity increase whatsoever?

Even though you may not have control at the start, if these actions are habitual on realizing you're dreaming, then your dream self just does them on instinct. (Which is why we don't need to be fully lucid to do a reality check in the first place, otherwise we'd be in a catch-22 situation.)

So, maybe these actions aren't coming naturally to you when you first realize you're dreaming? In which case, you need to practice these actions in your mind when doing MILD and visualizing becoming lucid, so the actions go hand-in-hand with any flash of lucidity.
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