Wild Mountain Heart

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Wild Mountain Heart

Postby madrausch18 » 06 Dec 2016 15:30

I was on a train that was streaking through an underground road cultivated by the mountain itself. This train traveled through the mountain completely but half way through there was a stop which if you got off led you straight towards the mountains heart.
It was a bumpy ride with ups and downs like a rollercoaster, out the window all you could see was rocks and stalagmites. The stop was dimly lighted with a platform made of dark grey stone veined with obsidian. One set of double doors huge and imposing made of dark oak covered with ancient designs, heavy. They groaned when opened and slightly scraped across the stone floor.
This destination was a huge tourist attraction but right now it was the off season. Many horror stories exist about The Mountain Heart. Rumor has it that this place is heavily haunted by wild magic, angry sprits or some ancient curse. People frequently get lost inside the mountain and are never found, though that in fact wasn't a rumor. If someone goes missing everyone knows they were warned about the dangers of leaving the their tour group, so there is rarely ever any sympathy for the missing, they should of listened.
It was against my better judgment to travel here alone during the time when people are all BUT present, the off season. I shouldn't be here, the place was impossibly quiet and low lighted, disturbing but I was foolishly brave.
The doors ; now opened ; led to a long dark hallway which ended with an other set of double doors. Those doors lead to rough staircases and foyers in between that displayed more carvings and some artifacts. The further you travel down the more the ground vibrates with a steady rhythm… The Heart of the Mountain, a huge bronze/gold pendulum that on each swing would strike hollow metal walls on ether side of it. This creates a powerfully loud and deep boom, The rock absorbs so much of the sound that you can only audibly hear the beats while inside the heart chamber. The chamber itself is walled with gorgeous green stone veined with jade and emeralds. The walls contrast beautifully with the orangey toned pendulum.
I wandered further and further down into finding my self a mere one story above the heart level, here I encounter yet an other set of towering double doors, These were in-between two huge bronze face masks enshrouded with an erie shamrock green glow. Finally down on the heart level and not far from the chamber doors was impossibly dark, the light of my phones flash light barely even penetrated it. I could hear the heart behind the last set of double doors which of course I couldn't see. It was much too late for me to decide that this adventure was a mistake, an undoubtedly disastrous one for the wild magic has a hunger and without the streams of tourist action it was yearning, yearning for my life force, its nourishment. Wild magic was nether good nor bad, it can do amazing things when one shows respect. Its not as if I have disrespected it or caused it to become angered, it was simply hungry. With the tourists being absent The mountain magic loses a steady food source so during this time its pretty much starving, its been months which makes my decision to come here all the more unintelligent. When it comes to the missing person cases… truth is most of them happen within the first week of tourist season then missing slow down exponentially.
Now in order for it to sate some of its hunger the magic will now lead me astray and send me through numerous mentally and physically strenuous tasks to impede upon my escape. If i prove myself worthy of life by triumphing its tasks it wont kill me…peachy.
So now I begin my arduous escape, I run from the darkness to the lighted stairs. Up past the faces and higher until I encounter somehow a new set of double doors. These were not present before on my way down…slowly I open them to reveal a…a motel room? This room looked like it came straight out of a “Supernatural” (show) set, all in warm colors with cheap imitation stained wood.
A square room with six doors including the one I entered through…? or not any more because said door has disappeared to become a blank wall. Directly in front of me is a panoramic window a table under it a chair all framed by tasteful drawn back curtains. There was a door directly next to the window on its right, when opened revealed an enchanting forest in the peaceful throes of autumn. All alight with fiery colours belying the chilly clean air rife with the songs of hundreds of content birds and crickets, blue white capped mountains in the distance. There was a slight mist or fog laying under the tree tops creating a calm undisturbed wilderness untouched by man. The air smelt so clean and crisp…mixtures of earth and ozone, so peaceful. A view that I as a person loves so dearly, long for…”clever mountain” I snicker. I take a moment to film my surroundings so to send it to my mother “I could happily die in this allusion” I say, complimenting the wild magic. Sending the video so she knows of my fate just in case to fail to make it out.
I turn back to the room and look toward the remaining doors, the two closest wouldn't budge, the third led to an 80s styled bathroom and the last opens to a short hallway. As I said it was short but contained yet more doors, three actually. The furthest door was cracked open, spilling warm light onto the carpeted floor. Approaching tentatively I push it open showing what looks to be a room where a stage actor would ready up in. Rows of mirrors lined with big bulbs and costumes strewn about all over the place, feather boas over chair backs and not surprisingly another door. This door transported me to a snowy yard, my yard from back home actually. I was standing on the deck in a robe with bare feet in shallow snow. “ I hate snow and the cold” I growled. New snow all pristine and white was always beautiful though all sparkling with a dotting of blood red cardinals and striking blue jays accompanied by a kookaburra? What would a tropical bird such as that be here in this snowy world in an icy bird bath…Then I woke up.

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Re: Wild Mountain Heart

Postby Philoni » 08 Dec 2016 17:22

Is this a dream or lucid dream? It sounded like a normal dream to me and this is not the correct sub forum to post it
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