Lucid Nightmare

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Lucid Nightmare

Postby Wolfy_Norge » 12 Dec 2016 04:08

I'm m/37/Oslo/Norway
It happens from time to time, while I'm dreaming, I become conscious that I'm dreaming... this feeling is not so certain sometimes... usually the dream is not pleasant or it's a nightmare... what makes me aware that the 'existing scene' should be a dream, is because of existing of some elements which don't make sense... (for example in dreaming scene it's Friday, but I knew that now it's Monday)...
Immediately after, I am getting conscious that this should be a dream, and I have to wake up... I try a lot of methods or even beg for help from the persons in my dream to wake me up... from becoming concious until I'm fully awake, it takes 5-20 seconds... as the dreams are not so pleasant, the longer it takes, the scarrier they become...
I'm sharing my experience with you hoping that you can help/guide me to overcome this situation...

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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby Lucid_Emo » 22 Dec 2016 03:37

Well once you're lucid, you don't have to wake up. If you're lucid, then don't waste the chance! When you're lucid, you can control your dreams, which means you can fly right out of the nightmare(literally) and do whatever you want! :D
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Re: Lucid Nightmare

Postby dizzyuluru » 24 Dec 2016 20:57

Adding more on to what Emo said, when you do become lucid in your nightmares, or unpleasant dreams, you can always change it by opening a door and picturing a new scene on the other side. If it's a nightmare where something is after you, stop and ask it "Why are you chasing me? What do you represent?" and it may respond and give you insight to help you stop more nightmares or help you in reality.
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