The Cosmic Eye, and Lucifer

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The Cosmic Eye, and Lucifer

Postby Price » 12 Dec 2016 20:55

Galaxy that Looks like an eye - Helix Nebula.jpg
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I realize I am dreaming as I find myself falling through a tunnel of different color light. At the end of the tunnel I see something that looks like an eye. I fall out of the tunnel and now am in deep space. There are stars and galaxies all around me. I continue to fall towards a galaxy that looks like a Dragon Eye. I suddenly feel a great consciousness that is aware of me as I become aware of it. I continue to fall towards this Eye Nebula. As I fall into it, The great amount of space, falls closer into and I fall into the galaxy and continue to see this eye shape, it is now a nebula within the galaxy and it is also the dragon I. I fall into the nebula and the eye shape continues, but is now made up of stars, I get closer to the star in the center and the dream transform before I begin to see planets. The whole time I feel this great cosmic awareness. It is not a human awareness, but a great primal awareness looking at me, and I am looking at it.

Now I am in a ruin. I am with my friends and light of a sun is shining through the ruin. The roof of the ancient ruin is partially collapsed. It is casting dark cold shadows and warm light patches. My friends run for the warm light patches as I feel a fear and dread coming from the cold shadows. I am lucid, so I decide to wait in the shadows as the feeling increases. Out of the shadow steps Lucifer. He looks like a beautiful blonde angel. There is great sexual attraction and my friends get caught up and possessed by desire. It do too, but shake it off (with much concentration.) Lucifer notices this and awareness comes between us. We are both Lucidly aware of each other. He comes to me and introduces himself as Lucifer, and I introduce myself as me. Then there is a booming knock that comes from outside the ruin. This brings a feeling of doom and terror. Something darker is coming. I am aware and decide to find out what it is. I leave the ruin and outside find.

Hundreds of Lucifers. I walk among them and discover that they are all from a different time in history. There are Lucifers that are truely bad, Nazis and the Inquisition, but there are other Lucifers that I find are more ambiguous in their morality. All of the Lucifers come from periods of time when there was great rebellions in human history. I meet one Lucifer from the Armenian Genocide, but he was fighting on the side of the Armenians. I meet other Lucifers that were involved with other rebellions. I realize that sometimes I am against the rebellion and other times I am in favor of the rebellion, sometimes the rebellion won and other times the rebellion lost. I walk off with the Armenian Lucifer and he tells me how he helped organize the Armenian resistance to the Turkish caused Genocide.

I apologize if anyone is offended by this dream content. I realize that there is controversial content discussed in this dream.

I wake up.

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Re: The Cosmic Eye, and Lucifer

Postby Summerlander » 12 Dec 2016 21:48

I'm not offended by your experience at all. The first part showed you a primordial cosmic perspective which renders every other troublesome reality moot. The second part seems to focus on the expression of social interactions and the infractions that violate the ideal of deontic logic---which stem from basic human evil. This 'darkness' (Lucifers) begs for the light of understanding to shine upon it. The light comes when the primordial awareness begins to discriminate and examine parts of the whole.

At least that's my take on it. I find your experience somewhat enlightening. I've had similar lucid dreams myself, which also entailed cosmic elements and an all-pervading awareness. Your dream may also reflect feelings about the politics and upheaval in Armenia. You know there were rights and wrongs but the conflict was very human. Could it be that, on some level your mind has been subconsciously trying to comprehend waking life events that you might have experienced?
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