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Lucid Dream Specialties

Postby Price » 12 Dec 2016 21:03

There is a lot that a person can do with Lucid Dreaming. I have read books that talk about how you can create music, artwork, affect healing, have precognition, self discovery. The list goes on.

As I try different tasks and that were laid out in books and online. I realize that I can and can not do certain things in my dreams. I am wondering if people have certain things that they are especially good at in their dreams and things that they just can't do no matter what. I would love to hear about peoples particular talents in their lucid dreams. For example:

Things I have had really good, powerful experiences doing in lucid dreams.
1. Experiencing Religious and Spiritual Content.
I have had intense emotional and awareness expanding experiences when I try to contact a God or Goddess or mediate in a dream.

2. Interesting self discovery experiences.
I have asked to experience self love, or asked about what I need to learn next in my self discovery and have had amazing results.

Things I have never been able to do well.
1. Have a precognition or physic dream.
2. Heal myself or other people in a dream

In this lucid dreaming community, are there certain people who can do other things really well and other things not so well? I would love to know what peoples strengths are in their dreams.

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