Finally getting into this lucid dreaming thing!

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Kasper Hviid
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Finally getting into this lucid dreaming thing!

Postby Kasper Hviid » 15 Dec 2016 00:38

I'm a big fan of Virtual Reality! It's a whole new technological frontier, and I'm way excited to explore it as it evolve. At a time, I began examining the real world, comparing it to the VR experience - reality had way better resolution, and a broader field of view. But what I failed to notice, then, was that the 'reality' was a dream. (In hindsight, the way I was able to magically slide across the floor was a dead giveaway)

I read that VR should be able to boost lucid dreaming:

As a natural extension of my dedication to VR, I felt that the time was right for me to get into lucid dreaming. So, here I am.

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Re: Finally getting into this lucid dreaming thing!

Postby Philoni » 15 Dec 2016 01:58

Hey there! It's been scientifically proven that video games make you lucid dream more than normal people do (for obvious reasons) and welcome to the community!
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