Lucid with EYES OPEN!

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Lucid with EYES OPEN!

Postby Marrepower » 18 Dec 2016 17:32

Okey, this is My first post on this forum.

Anyone have experience with being Lucid with open eyes?

Yesterday when I was at a train I had the weirdest Lucid dream ever. I Know that sometimes I Sleep with My eyes open, but it is very rare that I remember stuff I see in my bed in dreams.
This time I could see the seat in front of me at the train, I took up my hand to check if I was dreaming, usually I have 7 fingers, but this time I had no hand at all. I understood I was sleeping.
Then I tried to turn a knob in the seat in front of me, and I thought that I was actually moving my hands irl (and I could see my hands moving on my lap). But the knob didn't turn, so I thought that the knob was the only thing that I was dreaming about, everything else in my field of view was real.

I tried to stand up from the seat without waking up, but it was really hard, I felt like I was waking up immediately. After some tries I eventually woke up.
And when I looked at the knob in the seat in front of me it was actually SCREWED in to the seat! There was no way to turn it!

So actually, the only thing that was real in my dream was the knob that wasn't moving. I never moved my hands or tried to Stand up irl.

And when I woke up It all made sense, because in the dream there was a "frame" of this knob that never moved. Everything else in the dream moved around but the knob and 4 decimeters around it never moved. (Because that was what I was actually seeing irl.)

Anyone else had a dream with open eyes?

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