really hard problem for a beginer

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really hard problem for a beginer

Postby lucidreamer3425 » 18 Dec 2016 17:56

hey, I really want to get into lucid dreaming but everytime i dream its like im watching as a thirdperson like i dont have any control like i dont exist but i am watching the dream ive tried to bresak down all the dreams i remember everyday and remember them but i try hard and yet i cant dream,any suggestions?

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Re: really hard problem for a beginer

Postby steve3424 » 18 Dec 2016 19:04

In the first part of your post you said that you seem to dream in third person, then in the second part you seem to be saying that you can't remember your dreams. If you are remembering that your dreams are in the third person then you are remembering at least some part of your dreams. I can say that I have the experience of third person dreams and still have had some lucid dreams (I am still a beginner).

The key at this stage is to start with the basics and really hammer in the fundamentals. Based on my research here and elsewhere they seem to be:
1. Dream journaling and dream recall.
2. Reality checks
3. Meditation and awareness
4. MILD technique

Really focus on these until a they are as normal as breathing. Also realize that it is going to take time. It is an art and any art takes a lot of practice potentially. Be patient and every time you fail to have a lucid dream just tell yourself you are going to keep practicing the fundamentals and you will have one next time.

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Re: really hard problem for a beginer

Postby taniaaust1 » 01 Jan 2017 10:31

I wonder if you are doing this in a meditation state rather then in a LD state. A LD state where one is actually properly asleep and in the state of dreaming yourself. If I meditate all night, I go into observer mode (not control, Im only an awareness watching) where I will maintain all night awareness including of what my subconscious mind is doing where I will be watching thoughts all night and these can become just subconscious thoughts (so it can be like a third person thing). In morning though I had a clear memory while it was going on.. my memory is bad of it when I come out of the deep meditation state. (sounds what you are describing).

Anyway, my thought is may be currently going into a slightly wrong state for a LD. Try completely different LD techniques eg if you are trying WILD . maybe try to spontanously program yourself to have a LD by doing reality checking and other things during the day. When you go to LD, do not use your normal meditation position to try to change from what you are doing now.
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