OBE can't project out

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OBE can't project out

Postby orenz9002 » 21 Dec 2016 05:18

I'm reaching out for help from someone or people who are experienced with getting past these types of problems:
I have, for such a long time now, been trying to astral project and lucid dream. I have encountered so many things that have stopped me from doing so. I lay in bed before sleep trying to stay conscious and aware, but that awareness always slips away. No matter what I do, the awareness always slips away (Even when concentrating on a small point under my eye-lids). I read somewhere else that it is better to perform right after waking up. I have tried this as well so many times. What happens in that scenario is that I won't go back to bed. The last method I have been trying to do is waking myself up in the middle of the night just to have an OBE. My alarm won't wake me up for some reason, and if it does, my mouth creates saliva and I always feel the urge to swallow it. Moving my mouth all the time keeps me from hitting sleep paralysis. I was so close one time. Can someone please give me advice? I want more than ever to have an OBE.

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Re: OBE can't project out

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Jan 2017 12:07

Aim to have a LD dont aim for sleep paralyses.

Many go into sleep paralyses but then cant tell when they are actually dreaming which then can stop them from having LDs, so it can be a hinderance to success and for some they never have a LD due to this.

Many also dont get get sleep paralyses when they are having LDs and it may not even be something which is natural for you to experience, so you could just be making this whole thing more difficult for yourself by adding this as another thing you want to achieve on top of the just having a LD.

if you struggle to awake with an alarm, you may be sleeping so deeply it may be hard to have a LD as for LD you need some awareness and it sounds if you sleep that deeply to the point of not even hearing alarms, you may be quite a long way from it. It may be better for you due to this to do astral projection energy raising exercises and work on that instead of LD eg as in Denning and Phillips book Astral Projection.

I wonder what your dream recall is like seeing you sleep so deep.

I suggest you practice meditation so things like that saliva thing stop bothering you. You need to learn to stay relaxed while things like that are going on.

I wonder if you are trying to use your normal sleeping position for this. (its far better not to or otherwise its easier to just fall into a normal sleep).

If you just fall asleep at night whenever you try, try WILD instead during the day after you've practiced meditation to the point that you've learnt how to relax easily, dribble or not.

You are needing to work on the very basics.. learning to relax well be it whether you are doing LD or OBE.
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