Sort of Nightmare? Not Really?

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Sort of Nightmare? Not Really?

Postby EmberEpix » 21 Dec 2016 20:57

In real life I worked on a farm in the fall, specifically I was a zombie on a sort of fright night they had every weekend. In the dream it didn't look the same, there were too many open spaces.

I guess I wasn't really working that day? I happened to be there on the last day and I guess they planned to turn all the actors into the things they were acting as. So the hayride that I worked on was filled with actual zombies, there were creepy demon children and probably other things but the demon children and zombies are the most important.

A bunch of zombies are running around the main grounds doing zombie things like yelling and eating people. I recognize most of them. I have blades on the bottom of my feet like ice skates so I use those to help defend against zombies. I kick an actress I know in the chest with one because she tried to attack me and eat me.

Eventually I find myself on the hayride with a couple other people, we're all trying to get out and go back home where we can be safe.

Not long after this girl with long black hair covering her face slowly climbs on the hayride, there's model of one that looks just like her in the forest. She stands up now because the hayride has stopped. A girl from the other side of the wagon comes to her to confront her, the demon girl grabs her by the shoulders and sucks her soul out of her eyes. They turn black and she falls face forward on the ground. The girl is about to continue her killing until we hear screams coming from the opposite direction, in that moment the girl is distracted and I jump off the hayride and make a run for it. I fight more zombies on my way out but I eventually make it home.

Once i'm home, i'm talking with my mom about how I just up and lost most of my friends. Then this thing shows up. that's the only thing that i can describe it as, a thing. It has four long stilt like legs, a face covered by a sack, and underneath that sack is a cloth covered by a lock and chain. Two of them show up to my house and attack me and my family, so the only thing I can do is fight back. Thankfully they aren't super difficult to defeat, and I take a cross necklace, assuming they are demons, and punch he hell out of them. It burns their skin and I eventually kill them both.

The next day they show up in public. There are two, they look a little bigger than the last ones from the day before. I take care of them just like I did the first time.

The third and final time they came I was at home again. I was hanging out in the kitchen when i heard the front door open. Our alarm system usually tells us which door opens, but it didn't this time so instead of assuming that there was something wrong with the reality I figured it was an intruder. I ready the cross necklace only to find that it was just my grandpa. He was in a suit with a briefcase like he just came back from work. The only strange thing was the gaping hole where his left eye should have been. I knew immediately that it was those things, he said it happened at work. That's when my brother came downstairs informing me that they had come for the third time. My grandfather was trying to keep us safe by not telling us that the things attacked him and he lost his eye. But when they came downstairs he knew that we already knew what to do. So we finished them off again and I find out that underneath the second layer of chains and cloth, they have the heads of poorly made stuffed animals.

Then I woke up. But after thinking about this dream for quite some time, the demon things resemble the hollowghasts in the Mrs. Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children movie that came out recently. Including their ability to take eyes and leave gaping black holes. That movie wasn't even in theaters yet when I had this dream. Anyways, thanks for reading! Sweet dreams.

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