What do you think? Any help appreciated!

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EB Project
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What do you think? Any help appreciated!

Postby EB Project » 17 Jul 2012 01:43

My name is Chris, I'm a beginner to Lucid Dreaming.

I have had two Lucid Dreams since I having started, both which were amazing!

But since I started my new job 3 months ago, there is a lad called Chris there which everyone thinks is a bit weird. Since the ages of 14 he has had a different world he can jump into and control. After work I always ask him about his different 'World' he goes into, and I'll try explain some of it here.

In the 'Dream World' as he calls it, he is named 'Nemesis', and is the creator of the world. There is 13 and a half dimensions in this world and he controls everything in it. He looks the same when he's there, but has purple wings, as he describes as a kind of 'Dark Angel'. He told me that he can control everything in the dream world at will, and do whatever he likes. When I asked if he is god like, he said yes whatever he wants happens. He can build cities, or destroy them in seconds. He can fly. He can make up communities, and even friends.

Now to me this sounds very much like a Lucid Dream. A lot of people say he's crazy or mental, but I think he's just found a way to induce a Lucid Dream at will. He said he can go in and out of his dream world at anytime. His senses are also very good. At work, he could smell a bag of unopened peanuts on the floor from over 30 meters away. Strange.

Is it possible that he has found a way to induce Lucid Dreams at will? Anyway any feed back would be great, I feel kind of sorry for him because a lot of people take the piss out of him and call him mental. And to be honest I think he believes he is mental himself. I think he's just Lucid Dreaming and not realizing what it is.

If anyone has some feedback, or has heard of this sort of thing before please let me know, Chris.

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Re: What do you think? Any help appreciated!

Postby joesef777 » 20 Jul 2012 18:43

I am not being funny or trying to be rude.
He sounds like some one who is a little off but knows how to lucid dream.
I cant get all the information I was looking for from your story.
Like, Does he say this happens at night? Or is he just going into these worlds at will any time he chooses?
Either way, sounds off. sorry

THAT is only going by what I am reading, I dont know the guy or the full story.

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Jack Reacher
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Re: What do you think? Any help appreciated!

Postby Jack Reacher » 20 Jul 2012 23:33

Flipping in at will at any time of day doesnt really sound like a physical dream to me, at least he knows it isnt real though...
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Re: What do you think? Any help appreciated!

Postby HAGART » 22 Jul 2012 16:31

I have lucid dreamed many times, but have never entered the same world over and over again.
He is so specific with his name, form, and the fact that there are 13 dimensions. Sounds a little off as Joeseff777 said. Maybe he is a lucid dreamer who is a little socially weird at the same time.

You say he can smell peanuts from a distance. That is possible, but it would be more of an hallucination. We have all smelled peanuts before and when you see a bag of peanuts and think, 'peanuts', it is possible to get a realistic sensation of smelling them. But that is an hallucination. So I do think there may be something odd with this fellow. Which means.... he may actually be telling the truth! :?
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Re: What do you think? Any help appreciated!

Postby Ryan » 23 Jul 2012 00:07

Lucid Dreaming...
Astral Projection...
Out of body experience...

Yes, he "sounds" like he's found a way to do whenever he wants. You should have a chat with him. :)
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