Surrounded By Demons

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Surrounded By Demons

Postby JustMe » 29 Dec 2016 17:05

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here and I'm hoping someone can help me interpret this dream I've been having. I've always had precog dreams and really strong intuition. When I have really vivid, recurring dreams, they are always warning or preparing me for something that will really affect me in my life. Usually those dreams are very straight forward and obvious. For example, before a loved one dies, I have dreams about them walking with others who have passed away, and right before my dog died from lung cancer, I had dreams of him drowning and drinking water full of glass shards. This recent dream I've been having is different, I don't understand it and it's scaring me. I hope someone can help me interpret it.

The first one started with me seeing a vision of dark, spooky woods and there were demons or evil people wearing demonic masks standing in a circle chanting and it felt really evil. Suddenly I was in the middle of their circle and they were doing some sort of ritual on me. I couldn't get out of the circle and they were all "out of it" in some sort of zone, chanting. Suddenly, it started raining inside the circle. The rain was coming upside down, from the ground up and it lifted me up in a chair of ice I think, and suddenly the rain became a big, cold ocean wave and I was stuck in the middle of an ocean during a raging storm, on a chair by myself.
Second one, I was at a public place, like a mall, then suddenly I was alone and these huge black sheets rolled down covering all the doors and walls in front of me. I turned to leave but the black sheets were everywhere and when I turned around, there were really tall 8 foot people dressed in black gowns with "Scream" masks on. I turned around to run and I was suddenly surrounded in a circle of them and they started chanting. I was again stuck in the middle of some evil ritual. Then iwoke up.

Does anyone have any insight into what this means? I've searched the Internet for some sort of interpretation and haven't been able to find anything that makes any sense and it's making me feel really uncomfortable. I would really appreciate any help.
Thanks for reading.

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Re: Surrounded By Demons

Postby AleahAlate » 29 Dec 2016 21:28

:/ that sounds very frightening. My somewhat prophetic dreams are usually much more straight forward. For example, my grandma was going into knee surgery and I didnt know. I had a dream about her in the hospital having surgery. The next day I found out that it actually happened. It sounds like yours tend to be a bit more metephoric. :/ maybe your dream is telling you you may be approaching something you may not be able to handle. Maybe it is a warning to make sure your intentions are always right. Or you may be with a group of people that are not good for you. Sorry if that wasn't too helpful :/ I hope someone has some good advice for you!!

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Re: Surrounded By Demons

Postby jasmine2 » 31 Dec 2016 01:36

Nightmares which I've had often seem to be related in some symbolic way to fears, negative attitudes, or troubling people or circumstances in my personal life. Also, worrisome daily news reports sometimes show up in dreams in strange ways.

During the time of the financial market meltdown related to multiple home mortgage foreclosures, I dreamed that strange, threatening, alien creatures moving around in the walls of my house.

In your present life situation, do you feel threatened or constricted in some way by other people, or by your home, school, or work environment, or by other larger society circumstances?

Do you have some trusted relative, friend, or counselor that you could talk to about these problems? Can you move to a safer, more welcoming living situation?

Here are some good resources about working with dreams and nightmares. -
(1) Website - Jeremy Taylor/Dream Work: Articles -
- Book - "The Wisdom Of Your Dreams: Using Dreams To Tap Into Your Unconscious" - by Jeremy Taylor

(2) Search - "Overcoming Nightmares - The Lucidity Institute" -

(3) Health Journeys - - Protocol To Get Rid Of Repeating Nightmares
Click on link to article at
- Also, see other interesting blog articles and guided imagery audio CDs.

(4) Book - "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" by Carl Jung
Includes methods for working with dreams and the unconscious mind using active imagination.

(5) Article - "A Conversation With Dr. John Weir Perry" -
Includes dramatic illustrations, which use metaphorical imagery to represent scenes, characters and emotional situations which may occur in myths, dreams, art, or visions reported by young people who are experiencing their first acute episode of schizophrenia.
Themes related to the Apocalypse may be associated with an inner world Hero's Journey, which ultimately leads to transformation and healing.

Best wishes -

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Re: Surrounded By Demons

Postby Price » 06 Feb 2017 06:21

Sitting in a chair in the middle of a raging sea. Emotional turmoil, is bubbling up! The experience of evil, is the fear your consciousness has of these deep emotional currents.

That or there are some negative emotions that you are pushing away because they are "evil" These emotions are coming back in a dream to force you to confront them. They are wearing masks because you are not ready to see these negative feelings yet.

They are chanting and being zombie like. Is your "evil" that you are not aware of what is going on around you? Are you blindly doing what you are supposed to and going against your consciousness?

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