False awakenings helping dream recall

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False awakenings helping dream recall

Postby dizzyuluru » 30 Dec 2016 15:09

So, I had two extremely vivid dreams this morning. After both I had a false awakening and started writing down the dreams. When I actually woke up, I was able to focus on the false awakening to recall the vivid details of both. While doing this I realized that this usually always happens after a lucid dream or a vivid dream and it helps me greatly in remembering details.

So, I was wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if you usually have a false awakening after LDs or vivid dreams. So, do you?
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Re: False awakenings helping dream recall

Postby Lucid_Emo » 31 Dec 2016 02:31

Yeah, I've found I have more false awakenings after vivid dreams. Which is not always good... I had a vivid nightmare, then I had a false awakening that turned into ANOTHER vivid nightmare. Left me creeped out for awhile.
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