Reality check insurance?

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Reality check insurance?

Postby Ikamon.13579LD » 17 Jul 2012 04:25

Say you are dreaming and you stumbled on something that made you do a reality check yet because you aren't lucid or in a vivid dream what insures the reality check's success? I know how in dreams you may see a dancing building and think nothing of it because your logical self awareness is shut down. What about when you do a reality check and it works but you think nothing of it. I've told myself over and over in many forms that when a reality check works, I am dreaming and I will have control. For some people (including me) a reality check has worked and wasn't sure enough to be a start of a lucid dreaming. This isnt a top priority because it only happened once in my first LD but Im trying to get an answer for a friend (and for me if it this same case happens in the future).

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Re: Reality check insurance?

Postby Ryan » 18 Jul 2012 00:16

For a reality check to succeed, you require a minimum level of awareness first. Otherwise, you won't know to put enough focus into it, nor will you even realize anything different is happening.

The closer your awareness is to your normal waking awareness, the easier it is to nail the reality check.
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