NYC Lucid Dreamer in the house!

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NYC Lucid Dreamer in the house!

Postby CosmicSimone11 » 03 Jan 2017 21:23

Hey hey everyone! Hope your 2017 is going well so far!

Although I'm pretty sure I had had a few lucid dreams over the years (including one that I think was an OBE because I ended up in space looking at the moon and the earth from very far away and as soon as I realized how far I was from home I got sucked back and woke up), I've only just recently become fascinated with it and wanting to explore much more. I picked up a book by David Jay Brown that got me really going and within a week of reading the book, I was able to consciously manifest the most sensational lucid dream — flying, visiting the pyramids, running around the rooftops of Paris, met Angelina Jolie... all sorts of random things that I was able to manifest simply by wanting to.

I've found that the easiest way so far for me to do this is in the morning after meditating for 30/40 minutes and then dosing back off to sleep, at which point I can recognize that in between state of wake/sleep and then programming a thought or scenario).

I had another lucid dream the other night, which was pretty cool, I asked to be shown another dimension and I felt my soul/spirit being sucked up into the cosmos like a vacuum, where I was eventually in this very concentrated, center of the tornado eye feeling, where I felt like I could ask for things to manifest.

Then last night, I had two very real nightmares about being attacked by frightening looking men. What's strange is that I very very RARELY have nightmares and last night I was reading the chapter in David's book about nightmares and I remember thinking that I didn't even want to know about that or think about it to NOT trigger a nightmare, and clearly, it did. Unless there was some other reason I was supposed to experience that. I tried in my dream first to repeat over and over "In the name of Jesus Christ, leave me alone, go away" (I am not religious at all, but a psychic once told me to use that sentence should I feel a dark spirit), but he didn't leave and I was forced to wake myself up, realizing that the man's figure looming over me also looked like the reflection of the curtains in the mirror across from my bed, as if the dream had blended with the reality of my bedroom. So bizarre. Then, I went back to sleep and heard a voice telling me "pretend you are going through a wall and on the other side of the wall you can create a new scenario", so I did and I found myself in a field of some sort where there were two voices clearly speaking to me. I don't remember what they said. One said something about a Jesus Christ statue. Anyway, at one point, the voices faded and I found myself in a room with what seemed like projections of clouds running around the room and then all of a sudden I was in this ancient building and a scary dark looking military guy walked up to me very creepily and I got very scared, I made up a gun and shot him in the chest. He fell and died, but then I turned around and another one of him was there again now walking towards me, he got very close and just pinned me against the wall. I tried everything to make it stop, was yelling, but couldn't make it stop, and just woke myself up, my heart was pounding.

I've read some suggestions about what to do in case of a nightmare (like send love, ask why they're there, ask them to leave, etc.), but does it ALWAYS work for you guys? I tried and tried and the men just wouldn't stop or go away. Any other suggestions?

I'm also very interested in learning to how to have an OBE and meet spirit guides, past loves ones and perform healing on myself or on others. I'd love to hear some of your personal accounts that were fascinating to you...

Thanks for letting me share!

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Re: NYC Lucid Dreamer in the house!

Postby Sean Jacobs » 04 Jan 2017 16:48

Welcome CosmicSimone11. Congrats on your lucid dreams, the one you described sounds fantastic.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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