My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 42

Indication of the publicity of the seer’s dreams

196. 22nd November, 1976. Monday,

Early morning dream: Indranath Mukherjee, a Jibankrishna’s companion, sitting inside a room was reading very loudly the manuscript of my dreams and Dhiren Mondal, another companion, was listening to it. At this moment the dream went off.

This was the third time that the indications about the publicity of the seer’s dream were revealed through dreams . The first one was on 23.6.72 and the second one on 26.6.76.

Elimination of the consequences of ‘karma’(actions)

197. 23rd November, 1976. Tuesday,

Early morning dream : A room similar to that of Raghunath Sen at Taltala, Kolkata was seen where many devotees were seated. Dilip Ghosh, a devotee was saying to someone, ‘Blessings of God are bestowed’ after elimination of the consequences of action’. Hearing this I said,‘what is this! The blessing of God is first and after that comes elimination of action.’ this theory was prevelant in the previous Hindu religion. , but in the era of Jibankrishna this has become the reverse, as like Induction and Deduction’. Mr. Ghosh kept silent and continued to listen to me. Here the dream ended.

The dream indicated the condition of the seer that he has achieved this condition.

Accompaniment with devotees and indication
of the seer’s future

198. 25th November, 1976. Thursday.

Early morning dream: A big pond inside a park was seen. Indranath Mukherjee and I was standing on one side of the pond. A number of fishermen were catching fishes with their nets and quite a number of fishes were trapped in their nets. I noticed myself standing in the water on one side of the pond where the depth of the water was a bit low, though the water was dirty. As I had my shoes it was not touching my feet . But suddenly a little bit water entered into my mouth and I vomited all the water instantly .From there both of us went to Raghunath Sen’s house, had our meals and then I found myself alone . However, from their I went to the house of Iswari Prasad Goenka, an Industrialist and well known to me. He was a very religious minded man. There I had my meal and Mr. Goenka was seated in an adjacent room waiting for me. I had a bunch of exercise books which contained the matters about Jibankrishna, as if I had gone there to read these before Mr. Goenka . After finishing the meal I went to Mr. Goenka’s room where he was waiting . But what a wonder! As soon as I opened the pocket, it was noticed that there were no exercise books, instead of that it was full of the seeds of varieties of season flowers . So I said to Mr. Goenka, ‘what to do! Take out the Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’, let me read it. He said, ‘ I have read it already’((In reality he took from me the Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ written by Jibankrishna based on his personal realizations). But I said, ‘leave it, yet I shall read it, and I read it every day’. Saying this I woke up.

The dream indicated that in course of austerity the seer may have many obstacles, but all will be eliminated by the grace of God . Besides, to eat means to have many realizations—Here ‘ Iswari Prasad’ means the grace of Almighty God—He had offered meals—means the seer will have innumerable realizations during his austerity . Varieties of seeds also denote varieties of realizations which are in seed form within the body of the seer and may in future be manifested within him.

Attaining the power of preaching

199. 26th November, 1976. Friday.

Early morning dream: I saw myself in a very large open field, full of quite a number of people, where some blackboards were kept. I was explaining to them on realizations and the next steps and so on by writing on the blackboards. Then the dream went off.

Writing means the realizations will be permanently settled within the body of the seer. Another meaning of the dream is that the seer is having the power of preaching, although the seer does not want to accept it.

Spiritual practices with accompaniment of devotees

200. 29th November, 1976. Monday.

Early morning dream: The dream opened with the room of Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah, where many devotees like Indranath Mukherjee, Khagendra Nath Ghosh, Dhiren Mondal etc.were present.

In the next scene I saw that I had gone to Khagendra Nath Ghosh’s residence at Sainthia of Birbhum District and had long conversations with him. After a while I woke up.
Seeing so many devotees in the dream the brain power of the seer is also increasing with regular spiritual practices.

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