Hi, I'm new and randomly had a lucid dream..

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Hi, I'm new and randomly had a lucid dream..

Postby jeffster » 06 Jan 2017 23:00

So, I knew about lucid dreaming before this occurred, but I am not entirely sure that even my awareness caused this to happen. I was not TRYING to have a dream in which I knew I was dreaming I mean.

Here was my dream:

I was in a blurry dream (as kind of usual) and I was in an amusement park. Unlike most of my dreams, I was not being taught or told some type of lesson or being given some kind of cryptic message (which is what happens 90% of the time). I've had dreams with naga type beings, et. al., but that's another story.

Once I realized I was dreaming I was excited, but didn't want to do anything super powered or pleasureable. Now here is what confuses me the most: Every, 'person' I spoke to in my dream didn't say I wasn't dreaming, or try to convince me that I was dreaming, they would ALWAYS avoid it. All the random characters in my dream that I told, "Hey I'm dreaming" would casually just not address it.

Anyone else experience this?

I just joined and this is my first post. This is the type of dream that I can still remember that's how intense it was.

Edit: Oh to add, I don't have any mental issues nor take drugs of any kind.

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Re: Hi, I'm new and randomly had a lucid dream..

Postby RnRDino » 07 Jan 2017 12:25

Heyo! Everybody dreams within different parameters of what can and can't be percieved via intuition, the basic human senses, etc.. I've personally never become lucid in a dream and had complete control over every aspect simultaneously and trying to do so usually doesn't help. When you become lucid try remembering what emotion, sight, etc... caused your consciousness to wake up And then just ride it like a wave and experience what your brain has to show you, lol. or do whatever you feel, trying anything and everything. it's your gift to do with as you please. Try not to let the limitations of others determine the limit of your dreams.
:-) mental illness is relative my friend, I'm yet to have a dream that makes me feel mentally wrong, ashamed, or crazy in anyway. And drug related dreaming is still dreaming :-)

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Re: Hi, I'm new and randomly had a lucid dream..

Postby jeffster » 07 Jan 2017 19:56

Oh, I didn't mean to imply judgement on mental illness or drug use or anything. I just wanted to provide my status when this occurred.

What was a bit astonishing to me is that, it wasn't that no one in my dream was negative nor avoiding me in my dream, but as soon as I presented the fact to them that 'HEY I'M DREAMING isn't this amazing?' they avoided it. The avoidance of these things in my dream to my comment is really fascinating.

Just wondering if anyone has every experienced that at all. I am going to try to have another lucid dream and see if I can replicate the same instance.

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Re: Hi, I'm new and randomly had a lucid dream..

Postby HAGART » 11 Jan 2017 02:12

Welcome to the forum.
Those 'dream characters' keep changing all the time, so I'm not sure if you will replicate it. I think I may have had a few aloof ones that couldn't care less if I told them it was a lucid dream too. Others flat out deny it, while some are well aware it's a lucid dream and seem even more lucid than me!
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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