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Postby hashasheen217 » 08 Jan 2017 02:40

Hello all,

Does anyone here also train in psionics or telekinesis? If so, has anyone tried implementing lucid dreaming as part of their training?

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Re: Psionics

Postby nickbor » 10 Jan 2017 03:22

I don't know if this counts but I went to a museum in Dallas once and there was this exibit where there was a machine which could pick up on youre praying minded brainwaves to move a ball up and down simply by praying or meditating into the machine. you could set it to alpha or theta state brainwave pickup. I set it to alpha state and meditated into the machine the same way I used to meditate for enlightenment I had no trouble moving the ball with my mind. the only thing my mind had to think about was being peacefull calm and only be mindfull of my breath. If I had set the machine to theta state I would have to do math or think a lot to move the ball. I have had maybe 6 or 7 lucid dreams in life, butnot trying to do it all the time. this lifetime I'm living my main goal was to lose my ego. I end up learning information from every egoless person who contributed something to my intense mathematical and physics education whom were either appeasing people who wanted proof of something or just flat out wanted people to obey whatever god wans for you to do. I do have a fantasy of being capable of doing real magic. I end up joinin therest of the worl wich has read the same bible as me. didn't know what tobelieve in most of my life experimented with praying for people to be spontaneously healed or eat healthier. (at least my brother). works. god loves to give people grace even to this day some are praying for us to receive it. all going along as planned. but as long as you are pro freedom I guess god would give you power to perform a miracle. Ive kept someone out of the court system all together when it was obvious freedom of person would have beenin danger and later I learned how to leave my body at will withought dying for it. If you know God always chosses freedom of everyone even despite being like a basketball player who can steal the ball from the opposing side, youjust figuredout why a buch of people are today alive well not in jail they are sinners they confess as a tradition and If anyone has ever doneanything the dalilama would not do and those people are sincerely sorry for it, they can feel guilt and regret and they have forgiven someone in their sourroundings before , and upon praying for god to forgive sincerely, god will happily give a healing grace to the sinner which makes their sinfull mind better. and grace is something god likes to give anyways as opposed to a death sentence unlike the rights some holy men would give.

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