vivid lucid dreaming

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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vivid lucid dreaming

Postby lucidman707 » 09 Jan 2017 08:01

it started off as old man john talking to me it was night time i was looking out window at my moms house. then old man john yelled " close the fuckin blinds ! " then instantly closed them. i said my bad then he walked away mumbling he would hit me with his hatchet. so i was like ima beat your ass! as he was walking away. then i felt drunk an unstable then i remembered feeling this feeling and remembering it was a dream . so i fell on floor of the living room. an stayed calm. and started flying it was exciting but i tried to stay calm. it was hard to talk at first kinda wierd getting used to. but then i flew around house an saw my self sleeping. then flew away to some other vivid nice city . its day time now very sunny . im in a old shack at first. then i think of a place i wanna go to . so i think in my head i wanna be in a big mansion with a big nice field an really nice an sunny. i instantly appear there an check out the view on the balcony. i see a nice big field with flowers and vegetables ect. then i step out side an touch this metal pole that had the sun beaming down on it. i felt the heat from the pole an it felt real i was amused an try to explore as much as i could. it was lonely i was the only one there so i imagined people to talk to. then i was in the city walking down streeet. i see lots of people but one car interested me out of all people so i wave to the guy and say heyyy. then he parks an i ask him can i ask for advice? then i said what can i do to fix my life. and he went into large detail about what i should do but i cant remember what. we were in his car driving by this point. he looked Chinese kinda had hair like jet lee. then i woke up with my girlfriend on the couch and explained to her that i had a trippy dream an i rolled over her an we fell on carpet floor. an kept asking is this real? and she looked at me as if i was crazy. then i lost control and woke up foreal an was confused cus it was day time now. an in my dream it was night time so this confused me but left me feeling really excited for the day. what can this mean? who was that dream figure representing? tonight i will try again. somebody give me any tips ?

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Re: vivid lucid dreaming

Postby HunterClash » 07 Aug 2017 19:06

Do a goo'o' reality check. You can try controlling the dream from there. The figures in the dream are just hallucinations/projections of you subconscious.

Good luck
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