Music in Lucid Dreams

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Music in Lucid Dreams

Postby Eve0 » 11 Jan 2017 02:10

Hi Everyone,

I dabbled in lucid dreaming about half a year ago with some success, but because of my current schedule I've been too busy and likely haven't been getting enough sleep for lucid dreaming to work anyway. However, a ted talk I recently watched sparked my interest, and I plan on attempting to lucid dream again. So, I was thinking about goals to set for myself while I'm in my lucid dream, and an interesting idea I thought of was asking a dream character to sing/play on an instrument a song you had never heard before. I wonder if your subconscious mind could actually create a detailed song/rhythm right on the spot, or if it could only make a simple beat, or if it would just copy a song that maybe the conscious mind didn't remember, making someone believe their dream actually created a song. I remember I read somewhere that the melody in Yesterday by the Beatles was in Paul McCartney's dream, and when he woke up he played it right away so he wouldn't forget. I'd love to try but I'm not sure how long it'll take me to be able to achieve a high enough state of lucidity to ask someone to sing a song, and then remember it. Has anyone tried doing this or something like this?

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Re: Music in Lucid Dreams

Postby Beethoven » 13 Jan 2017 17:18

Many years ago when I used to have a lot more lucid dreams, but even that wasn't much, I had quite a few lucid musical encounters. I've got to say that I was amazed! My lucid dreams were usually short so I didn't have time to really do anything. I just remember thinking... "That is SO real!" Watching the best guitarist you can imagine playing blues etc. From my experiences I truly believe that all the things you've said are possible.

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Re: Music in Lucid Dreams

Postby Summerlander » 13 Jan 2017 22:16

I had a lucid dream where I heard an interesting and beautiful piece of music. It was quite profound and emotional. When I woke up I tried to recreate it on my guitar. But I couldn't do it. The more I searched for the right notes the more I struggled to recall my subconscious chef-d'oeuvre. I probably would have succeeded had I been a virtuoso. But it wasn't all a letdown. It did inspire me to learn and play more.
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