Really need help new to this and thankyou

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Really need help new to this and thankyou

Postby gymrat » 11 Jan 2017 19:47

:( :( :( Ok I will start by saying hello and thankyou awesome .So this is my story and I will be clear imnot drunk I'm not stoned and I am not crazy YET LOL ....this is going to be a bit of a long one so all the help will be great ..Growing up I always had thoughts of astral travel /lucid dreaming and I am 45 now so for a good 30 years ...I grew up in a house that someone or something nun human was there the house had 3 teens how had eneded their lives at young ages 16 and my brother was one of them ..the family had always felt like there was something their and I really have no idea why we never moved thanks mom and dad ...I also had a auntie who was into black magic and in my heart I always thought she had cast a spell against us and no I'm not crazy lol the two and only lucid dream that I can recall was when I was 17 I dreamt my uncle came to visit me on a hill and let me know that he was going to die and during the time I was in a nap my auntie had phoned and said a different uncle had died 2005 I had what felt like a lucid dream where my dad was chocking on his vomit and I was trying to help but he died standing up ...few weeks later in real life my dad died in my arms as I tried to revive him to speed things up were now in 2016 and I had this overwhelming feeling come over me that I needed to learn to lucid dream/astral travel to build a army of god fearing soldiers and hunt down a kill this evil spirit I'm not crazy yet ............. I was like a slap in the face saying that you need to come into this plain and you will find your peace by destroying the spirit or whatever with this I will in the proper area my trys and where I am going wrong and thankyou for the help

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Re: Really need help new to this and thankyou

Postby cayennedesert » 12 Jan 2017 21:08

I'm not sure this site is about the paranormal. But I understand wanting to use lucid dreaming to fight off demons. It is possible. I have fought many a horde of zombies. My best dream, however, was when I went from a small village out to kill a demon and met him with my two katanas. He was quietly sitting in his study. He was large and kind of sticking out of his house but looked like the typical black and red horned demon. We had a civil conversation. I felt calmed by this dream. While fighting can feel awesome and powerful, diplomacy and compassion brought an end to a lot of my frenzied dreams. Perhaps it could bring peace to your spirits.
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