first lucid in 11 months

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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first lucid in 11 months

Postby Harry Potter » 15 Jan 2017 11:02

I have an on again off again relationship with lucid dreaming. First got into it three years ago (maybe almost four, by now?). Since then, I've gone through streaks of becoming incredibly focused, followed by streaks of not really thinking about it at all. The last year has been quite busy, and lucid dreaming sort of dropped off the table.

although about a month ago, I randomly decided to get back into it. Things cleared up, and I had time to focus on it again, and I really kind of needed it as almost a stress releasing thing, for some other stuff.

And then last night, after a month of reality checks and stuff, I did it yet again! It was quite long, too. I don't remember becoming lucid. Perhaps I woke up and just dropped directly into it.

I'll start as far back as I can remember:
I am standing on a street by my house, I know I am dreaming. Some friends from school are there. It is dusk, the sky is a subtle gold. All of a sudden, I shoot straight up into the sky, knowing that this time I will go higher than I've ever gone. And I do. I rocket way past the clouds, until all I can see is a blanket of white far below, and the sun in the distance. I don't want it to get dark, so I close my eyes, and will it to be lighter. When I open them, I'm still flying upwards, but it now appears to be midday. I feel a momentary sense of accomplishment.

I wonder how I'm going to get down, suddenly. As if on cue, my flying kind putters out. I start dropping, the wind rushes through my hair. I feel fear,momentarily. All of a sudden I level out, gliding across suburbia.

Next thing I remember, I'm standing at the top the stairs in my house. I want to jump down the stairs in one leap, and dash out the door to do other cool things, but hesitate, wondering if I'm actually dreaming still. I attempt to push my right middle and index finger through my left palm, and feel the oh so familiar feeling of them melting through, my palm almost feels like cookie dough or something.

I jump down the stairs,asplanned, and notice that it's yet again getting dark. Eyes closed, imagine it being light, andit is. I've straight up willed it to be midday, I've never done that in previous lucid dreams.

I have a vague memory of standing in front of a mirror, completely naked. I don't remember the context, or how I got there, but I did know I was dreaming at that point.

I also remember trying to wake myself up,andinducing a false awakening. I jumped up quite high, and sort of stomped the ground, attempting to shock myself out of dreaming. No idea why I wanted to do that. Of course, as expected, I did 'wake up.' I failed to notice, however, that my head was on the wrong side of the bed, and that I was still freaking dreaming. rip.

There's a lot I can't remember. I remembered more this morning, but it's been quite some time since then.Dang.
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