Just Out of Reach

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Just Out of Reach

Postby Miki » 19 Jul 2012 13:00

I'm recently new to lucid dreaming so going into this I had a relatively positive attitude. But the past few nights have driven me nuts. I've been having trouble falling to sleep and when I do my dreams are very jumbled and confusing. I've tried to become lucid in several because I remember asking myself "Am I dreaming?" Unfortunately though, each time I ask or try to do a reality check in my dream I'm woken up. Currently it is very early morning and I've just woken up from 4 hours of tossing, turning, and frustrating dreams. In them, I was in an apartment with several young adults who were lucid dreamers. They were trying to help me grasp lucidity by latching me to 'physical' threads of consciousness. But it was to no avail. Every attempt was met by me waking up, rolling over, and finding myself back in the same dream. I was aware that I wasn't reaching the goal I'd intended so I tried slipping into sleep hypnosis but nothing happened. After fully waking up and doing a few reality checks I had to ask myself if those were actual dreams of just a period of daydreaming after a dead sleep. I still have no answer.

If someone could help me or give me some piece of mind that I'm on the right track I'd really appreciate it.

It also might be worth noting that I tried to induce a WILD before I gave into this wild goose chase. I was in sleep paralysis for probably an hour yet did not experience any sleep hypnosis. (I fear it's because I couldn't escape a song playing in my head)

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Re: Just Out of Reach

Postby jamjam » 26 Jul 2012 19:14

First of all, I wouldn't call not being able to lucid dream a "sleep disorder"
You just need a little more time to develop. For some people, lucid dreaming is easy! For others, it's a little bit harder. Not getting a immediate lucid dream is NORMAL.
Besides, you're new! Trust me it gets easier! I suggest you find a method that works best for you. Perhaps WBTB?
You're on the right track with the reality checks!
Keep at it amigo!

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