Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Postby Price » 24 Jan 2017 04:37

Has anyone else had experiences with Binaural beats? Here is my experience:

So I have been lucid dreaming for a long time, but because of my busy schedule. I don't lucid dream as much as I would like. I am working on a lucid dreaming class and so started to try some of the Lucid Dream Hacks. I want to be able to report on them for the class I am teaching.

So I downloaded a free android app called Mind Therapy which provides Binaural Beats. Without getting into the details. The idea is that we can play sound with lures the brain into the desired brainwave frequency. These frequencies can induce lucid dreaming.

Ok so upon going to bed I listened to the lucid dreaming sounds from Mind Therapy and as the frequencies got lower and lower I started to feel dizzy. This feeling I often encounter before I astral project. Cool I thought, this is working. I didn't actually astral project, but am excited to try it out in the future.

So nothing really happened when I listened to sounds going to bed. At a certain point in the night I took my headphones off and went to bed. In the morning I woke up early and put them on again, and this time i did get a lucid dream.

The dream started out with me realizing that I was dreaming. I made my hand melt through a car window. Yep, I am dreaming. I decided I wanted to visit mother earth. So I drew a doorway in the frost that was on the grass. I opened the door that I drew on the grass and walked into the earth. I went into this other place that was a school and the recess bell rang and all of these fairies and gnomes and magical creature came running out of the school to play. I lost lucidity at this point. Then I HEARD THE MUSIC that was playing in my headphones. I pulled out my dream earphones and could still hear the music, and I thought, Oh I am dreaming.

It was cool to have the music seep into my dream. It was also interesting because the music was playing in my ears the whole time, but I didn't hear it until a certain point in my dream. Wow so cool how I can shut out sound like that? I think the music must have changed frequencies which triggered me to hear it in the dream.

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Re: Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Postby warren » 27 Feb 2017 04:31

i feel it helps vividness, i prefer the nature or ocean sounding ones

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Re: Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Postby luciding » 26 May 2017 07:01

Sometimes during our daily tests in a sleep lab, we're giving people headphones to fall asleep faster, and use something with Delta to drop off the mind storm.

For dream hacking, it could be nice to try something like this –

As far as binaural beats can help you – you can use them, that's great!
The actual thing we found out during EEG tests, there is no significant difference in a brain response for a binaural wave. If you are going to combine it with tDCS – this is very magic begins!
Neuromodulation for Lucid Dreaming –
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Re: Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Postby themonkeythinks » 16 Sep 2017 08:17

Hi guys i made my own binaural beat. Its a pure beat from gamma to delta to help put you in a trance state of mind. Its for those that find it hard to get comfortable, it sinks your current mental state Gamma and takes you on a smooth journey to the subconscious realm of Delta. check it out here

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Re: Binaural Beats: Dream Hacks

Postby SpaceDog1 » 13 Nov 2018 15:54

The first step is to stop using your phone, tv, pc and all the electronics an hour before the sleep. Also, the room must be in the complete darkness. I also read that essential oils' smell is having a relaxing effect. Try adding a few drops while taking a bath. It also brings a nice effect on your hair and skin. My favorite one:

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