Why is my watch working in my dreams?

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Why is my watch working in my dreams?

Postby Kameron » 26 Jan 2017 20:22

Hi, I'm fairly new to lucid dreaming (I only started keeping a dream journal 6 days ago) and I had my first lucid dream a couple of days ago.
Or more precisely, I had three.

TL;DR, I checked my watch twice in two separate dreams. Both times, the watch told the time as in real life, although the seconds were moving too fast the first time. The second time the seconds felt normal.

The first one was fairly normal, although I started off controlling two bodies and simultaneously seeing from both perspectives, which led to a great deal of confusion on my part causing me to wake up. The second one is where things got really bizarre.

In my dream, I decided to check what time it was, so I looked down at my watch. Strangely enough, the watch actually told the time. I can even remember exactly what time it said on the watch. The seconds seemed to be passing too fast though, so I got a bit confused. As this happened, the watch started to return to normal speed. I realized something was wrong at this point, because it felt like I was the one causing the time to slow down, and I became lucid.
Once again, my confusion led me to wake up a few seconds later, as I didn't think watches and clocks were supposed to work in dreams.
I woke up, grabbed my watch from beside my bed and checked the time. I was still half asleep and decided I wanted to go back and double check if my watch was actually working or not in my dreams, so I lied down and closed my eyes.
I opened my eyes again immediately afterwards, finding myself still lying down on my bed, but fully aware that this time I was dreaming. I grabbed my watch again and now the time on the watch was different to a moment ago, confirming that I was actually dreaming. This did confirm my suspicion, however, that time was fully functional in my dreams. The seconds were also passing as normal this time.

So, guys. Why is my watch working in my dreams? From what I've heard clocks and watches are always distorted or broken in dreams. Is this normal?


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Re: Why is my watch working in my dreams?

Postby LangstonM » 26 Jan 2017 22:33

I remember one time I experimented with clocks, sometimes the time will show something messed up or sometimes it would actually show the time.

Try this next time you have a dream involving watches or clocks. Look at your watch and look at the time, it might show you 3:15 for example, look away and immediately look back it at. Your watch will go from 3:15 to anything like 6:30 or it might even be messed up like having 2 big hands or none at all. The point is, every time you check the time look away and look back, it will change.

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