Doors to the Mind. . . Tips???

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Doors to the Mind. . . Tips???

Postby Crow648 » 30 Jan 2017 03:10

I am fairly good with my lucid dreaming abilities however, I recently came across a topic that sounded extremely interesting. . .(Doors to the Mind) If done right, it allowed the person to delve into their subconscious and explore the vast secrets that lay inside their head. When inside you're at the very beginning of a very long hallway, with doors to either side of you. You can explore whats inside as long as it's unlocked and you got a good feeling. (If you feel like you shouldn't go in, then YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T GO IN, but it is your choice to make) Anyways, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this? And if so, could you give me some tips on how to get to a room of knowledge. . . or something inside your subconscious that allows you to look at forbidden information? Something you cannot find in real life. For example: What is the origin of the human race? When will I get married and with whom? And so on. I suspect your subconscious has many secrets just waiting to be discovered. . . I wan't to be the one to discover them!
Also I must warn you, if you do try this beware of the room of clocks, if you go into a room full of clocks get out of there and end the session immediately, the man in the black suit (Do not even talk to him, end the session immediately) and old people, for reasons I can't find why it's just what I read.
If anybody can help give me some tips, I would be much obliged.

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Re: Doors to the Mind. . . Tips???

Postby DreamerMan99 » 14 Mar 2017 01:34

Make sure you are prepared for anything you may learn from yourself.
Similarly to taking large dose psychedelics, scary ass shit can be uncovered from what you may learn.
Personally, I would start off small. Next lucid dream, call out your questions to nothing. Eventually, you will begin to get answers. I think this is where many God delusions come from, the speaking of one's subconscious to the conscious mind.

There's a rather interesting HBO show called Westworld which addresses humanity, consciousness, and the mind. One topic they kind of glaze over that is really interesting is the idea of bicameralism. The philosophy of two chamberedness.
Here's a little bit of background information on it.
Good luck,
Dream on.

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Re: Doors to the Mind. . . Tips???

Postby Crow648 » 20 Mar 2017 22:44

Thanks for that info and the link, I definitely will go slow due to past experiences I have had in my life, I will learn new things about myself when I am ready for it.

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Re: Doors to the Mind. . . Tips???

Postby 24/7/365 » 09 Apr 2017 19:26

well, doors are like passage ways. They are like windows that one cannot see through. I like to call them windoors. typically doors have door knobs and windows do not. With this knowledge we can safely assume that they are the same but different.

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