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Postby PerceusJackson1 » 01 Feb 2017 00:29

I am stuck. Literally.
Reality checks, yes I need to start practicing them and making them a daily habit. Although, I have an EXTREMELY busy waking life and I usually don't do them.

Realizing I am dreaming. Nope, I really can't do that. Even if I am kissing my crush in real life, I can not have that light bulb moment.

But WILDs. I am quite interested in this because even though it is the hardest technique, it is the easiest for me to do. I NEED HELP.

This is usually what happens:
1) Goes to sleep and relaxes
2) Hypnogogia starts
[What do your guys' hypnogogia look like? Mine literally are {sometimes} VERY faint random images of light and I do not see color; I THINK I see greys and whites but I can not really "see" it. I am not colorblind, I took many tests]
3) The sensations of hypnogogia.

I feel like I am floating above my body, as if my limbs were but off, a kind off heaviness which I mistaken as sleep paralysis (because I can still move if i decide to), a feeling as if I am getting big. Those are the main ones

I do have auditory and kind-of other visual hypnogogia but then that is when i lose awareness and regain awareness

I am stuck in the sensations. I have waited (for maybe an hour) for something to happen. Nothing does. I calm my mind down. I am not sure how to do this except think of nothing and make a dull "hum".

STILL NOTHING HAPPENS. I'm sure that it's not that I have poor dream recall...I have willed myself to go to a location such as "I'm in the park" or "I'm eating lunch" *nothing. I know I was not successful because I decided to quit, shift myself in my bed, and fall asleep.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? And when do you know you can open your eyes?

Thanks all.

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Re: Stuck

Postby jasmine2 » 01 Feb 2017 03:05

In my experience, trying really hard to get my dreaming world self to "follow my commands" often seems to interfere with the spontaneous free flow of the unconscious mind. Maybe you could take a vacation from trying to trigger lucid dreams.

Instead, during the day, intermittently pay close attention to ordinary activities, such as - cooking, eating, talking to other people, playing with pets or children, singing a song, walking around in your home, school, or work environment. Also, keep a journal of non-lucid dreams.

Near bedtime, practice re-running specific memories from your daily life or from interesting dreams. Then, when you are relaxed in bed, again, re-run some of these day time or dream memories. Don't force it. Just be content with playing with these recalled images, sensations and emotions.

As you become sleepier, some fragments of unplanned "dream stuff" may briefly appear mixed in with your other memories, and then disappear.

Also, at various times during the day, ask yourself, "Am I dreaming now?" Study your non-lucid dreams and try to understand how the sometimes weird dream images may be metaphors for life situations or aspects of consciousness. Just be patient. Eventually some lucid dreams will decide to come and visit you.

Also, I highly recommend -
- Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner

- Website - "Past Issues/ Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine" -

Also, on home page of this world of lucid dreaming website, click - Articles.

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Re: Stuck

Postby Price » 01 Feb 2017 06:36

Lay in bed and put you hands out in front of you. Touch and rub your hands together. Ok now shut your eyes and imagine what you hands look like as you touch and rub them. Ok now put your hand down and imagine and feel that you have your hands out in front of you and feel and see them.

Ok now get into the WILD sensation. Now imagine your hands out in front of you. You probably will not see them, but you will feel them. Ok once you feel your hands out in front of you. Touch your face, touch your body, ok now get out of your bed. You will have to crawl of blindly stumble, but do and then the dream will start forming around you and you will be able to see.

When I get into the WILD state now I roll out. Sometimes I find a whole in the sensations/vibrations and crawl out of the hole into a dream.

I know it sounds weird, but Dreams are weird.

Good Luck

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Re: Stuck

Postby Price » 01 Feb 2017 06:39

Oh yeah.

Never open your eyes. If you can't see it is because the dream hasn't formed yet. Focus on touching things and walking around. Soon you will see something then you will pop into a full blown dream.

If you focus on trying to open you eye lids you will get trapped. Remember your dream body doesn't need eyelids, focus on seeing, but not on opening your eyes.


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Re: Stuck

Postby PerceusJackson1 » 04 Feb 2017 17:54

Thanks all!

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