Was i lucid??

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Was i lucid??

Postby DanishDreamer » 06 Feb 2017 20:39


I'm still kind of new to all of this. I have been trying for about i year now. Still have to get my first "real " LD.


Last night i experienced something new. I was dreaming, like i usually do, but at some point during the dream, I'm searching for a bathroom, to wash my hands. I have a fairly good idea of the location within the house in my dream, but when i get there, the door is looking odd. It looks like a little version of an old church door.
I decide that this door won't cut it, and turn my head away. I think to myself, 'when i look again, the door is the correct door! ' and think hard about what i expect it to look like. And lo and behold! When i look again, the door looks like it should.
I wash my hands, and wake up realizing it was out of the ordinary, at least for me.

My question is: Was this a LD? I wasn't really aware, more like dreaming i was, i think. Hard to explain. I want to think of this as a sign of me improving in the LD 'training ' but it might just be pure coincidence.

Also, this was the first time i saw those swirling patterns of light, when i woke up. I was fully aware, though not fully awake, what it was. I'm usually a slow starter, so waking up awake like that was also out of the ordinary.

Last, this happened within my first hour or so, of my sleep. But, it's possible my sleep pattern is pretty f***** up, due to night shifts during the weekend.

Any kind of thoughts or ideas or tips is more than welcome!


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Sean Jacobs
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Re: Was i lucid??

Postby Sean Jacobs » 06 Feb 2017 21:38

Hello DanishDreamer.

I don't believe you were actually lucid, but you are getting closer. You vaguely realized something was "off" but you didn't get all the way where you realized you were dreaming. When you do a reality check and you become genuinely aware that you are dreaming, you will have no question that you are lucid. I hope you have a lucid dream very soon.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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Re: Was i lucid??

Postby Beethoven » 06 Feb 2017 22:43

Dreams can be SO confusing. Even lucid dreams can be confusing! Sometimes we have no control. Sometimes we can control everything. Sometimes we go from being lucid to non lucid & then back to lucid again! It's like the difference from having 10 pints of lager, and no alcohol at all!

One day you'll feel wide awake and you'll be able to think really clearly but at the same time you'll be in a dream. It feels so magical and you'll realize why people hunger for it so much. Unfortunately this state is like walking a tightrope and before you can do anything you'll have woken up. But the good news is that there are ways to stay lucid.

Good luck on your travels!

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Re: Was i lucid??

Postby florence521 » 07 Feb 2017 02:58

I would recommend you check out two books: Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple by Robert Waggoner, and Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge. They both describe that in a lucid dream you don't really control the dream, but ride the wave of it, so to speak . Waggoner also cites Ed Kellog's lucid dreaming continuum, link is below. It's very common to have different levels of lucidity in a dream, and they can change throughout the dream.

My dreams probably fall on the semi lucid spectrum.. I know I am aware, I can control my actions and do things I planned ahead of time, but I am often not really in the right mind and don't think as clearly as in waking life, it's almost like I am drunk or on laughing gas or something lol.

I think this article should help


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Re: Was i lucid??

Postby DanishDreamer » 09 Feb 2017 12:37

Hi again.

Thanks for your replies on this. As i suspected, i wasn't lucid, and that answered my question.

I haven't had a dream since that day. (I know, i know. We always dream, but i can't recall anything.) Mostly due to late nights, and early mornings. But the coming week, I'm off from work, so i hope i can squeeze in some dreaming.

That leads me to another post, I'll make later today.

The text about different 'levels ' of lucidity, was very interesting stuff. Since when i read about LD in general, it sounds like there's only a few levels, and you decide for yourself, once lucid, which level you want to be on. Sounded too good to be true.

I'll also see if i can get my hands on those books mentioned. If nothing else, just to flood my brain with LD stuff.

Again thanks for your replies.

Happy dreaming


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