Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats

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Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats

Postby xDaniel » 11 Feb 2017 23:32

So I was wondering if someone could please link me some high quality free binaural beats, I think for lucid dreaming its best to listen to the delta and theta ones from what I read. All help is really appreciated

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Re: Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats

Postby jasmine2 » 18 Feb 2017 04:04

I have tried several brands of binaural-beat audio CDs, which claim to be able to entrain brain wave frequencies in order to enhance various meditative or dream states of consciousness. Usually, I quickly grew tired of listening to most of these CDs, because the main binaural-beat sound was so monotonous.

However, over the years, I've tried several CDs from - The Monroe Institute, in Faber, Virginia. This organization was founded by Robert Monroe, the author of the book - "Journeys Out Of The Body". His research lab devoted many years to developing specialized types of binaural-beat frequencies, which have the copyright name "Hemi-Sync". These sound recordings, were, initially, aimed mainly to help initiate out-of-body experiences.

I think that, generally speaking, Monroe Institute CDs are more pleasant to listen to, because they combine the binaural-beat sounds with pink sound, and other subtle sound frequencies, plus sometimes ocean waves or wind sounds.

I recently discovered an interesting Free sound download at their website.

Search - Free Audio Download - Gateway Voyage/ The Monroe Institute - monroeinstitute.org
- Click - "Gateway Voyage - Open Exercise" - Download
Use stereo headphones.
There is some brief verbal guidance with the voice of Robert Monroe, but most of the recording (43:02 min.) consists of an interesting combination of slowly varied brainwave entrainement (hemisphere-synchronization) sounds.

- Article - "What Is Hemi-Sync? - by Leslie France - monroeinstitute.org

The complete "Gateway Voyage" CD program is expensive.
I also like - CD - "Super Sleep - Hemi-Sync"
However, many of the Monroe Institute CDs include music or a lot of verbal guidance, which I may find to be too distracting.

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Re: Looking for some High Quality Binaural Beats

Postby vlthompson777 » 10 Apr 2017 20:46

I highly recommend the Brainwaves app for iPhones from Banzai Labs. They have a number of packs and they definitely do the job. I've been using them for a couple years now. I'm not using them for any LD purposes, just general usage. Great price; highly useful.

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