Just joined so hi :-)

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
ZX Munro
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Just joined so hi :-)

Postby ZX Munro » 12 Feb 2017 01:40

Hi everyone, I hope you're keeping well! I just joined this forum as I feel I need to taIk to individuals who can understand and relate to my experiences.

At the age of around 16 I accidentally experienced my first lucid dream, being fully conscious and aware I was dreaming. I had never heard the term lucid dreaming but I always had sleep disorders such as sleep walking and night terrors as well as so-called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome etc right through childhood.

I decided from this point to try and teach myself to do it deliberately now I was aware it was possible. After a period of experimentation I developed a technique that worked consistently so I devoted ever more time playing in my own creations. But after a few months I began to realise in waking life I would confuse memories from my lucid dreams and got scared, not to mention the entities that started to randomly appear in my dream world's where I had an over-whelming dread regarding them. I even had dream characters telling me to leave quickly when I sensed their presence although I've never directly seen them.

Anyway, I'm now 41 and very recently experienced my first completely lucid dream after 20 years. I have discussed this with a few close friends and family and decided to take up the practice again.

Sorry for the long introduction but can I share what I've discovered in my experience and more importantly my method as I'm still nervous about it although I enjoyed my first recent experience.

I basically relax, close my eyes and focus on the chaotic display of light and dark until I'm aware the darkness is 3D. At this point I start begin falling that becomes increasingly more intense - at the same time a whine develops that also increases in volume and intensity until suddenly I'm somewhere. Sometimes when I struggle to focus I close my eyes tighter and do an artificial REM type action with my eyelids while looking around the darkness.

When lucid dreaming I find when I focus on anything it appears sort of pixel like, shimmering as if made of energy - especially my own hands etc. I often find it hard to speak as if I have a speech impediment - even worse when I attempt to tell others I'm dreaming. Reading anything is also almost impossible as writing jumbles around. When partially aware without effort I appear 3rd person but still in control of body but when focused I exist as normal ie 1st person. When characters try to be people I know in waking life their faces consistently change when I focus on them. My experiences are always much more bizarre when I relinquish control and usually very funny.

I will stop here but if any of this sounds familiar to you I'd more than appreciate meeting you as I have never met anyone to date that gets any of this. Thank you for your time and patience reading this essay and I look forward to any response.

Peace and love,


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Re: Just joined so hi :-)

Postby Anyar » 12 Feb 2017 15:21

Welcome back to lucid dreaming.

I'm only a beginner yet to have my first lucid dream, so I can't relate to your experiences.

I have read lots of times about words in dreams being naturally jumbled, so people may use that as a reality check.

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Re: Just joined so hi :-)

Postby ZX Munro » 12 Feb 2017 22:12

Hi Anyar,

Very pleased to meet you and thank you for replying. I've read about people using reality checks but its not something I've ever considered before. My experience of lucid dreaming comes from an initial accident that followed a time of experimenting to induce lucidity although my method is more based on intuition rather than learning techniques. Although it's fascinating to learn how others achieve lucid dreaming.

However you do it I promise it will change your perception on how you view the world and you will experience moments unique to waking life. I wish you success and hope you enjoy your first lucid experience!

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Re: Just joined so hi :-)

Postby dizzyuluru » 13 Feb 2017 16:09

It seems that what you're describing is sleep paralysis. The falling, the whining, and the 3D darkness until you're transported into a dream. The entities seem like a fear, so when they appear again, I would suggest confronting them and asking them what they represent, etc. Also, when you start relaxing, and the sleep paralysis kicks in, do you do it in the middle of your REM cycle (3-6 hours after you start sleeping) or at the beginning of the night?
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Re: Just joined so hi :-)

Postby Petal » 14 Feb 2017 22:33

Hello, I've just joined and am the same age as you with similar experiences. I have met some very scary "entities" through out my year of experimenting. I am not sure what or perhaps "who" they are. I tend to become lucid by becoming aware that I dreaming and then I start to "play". If I wake up out side my body as in an astral projection I normally now try to get away from my physical body quickish because it tends to pull me back in with ghostly arms that I still find spooky. Sometimes I do a kind of meditation before I sleep in which I do a kind of looking and listening into the ether. I have heard voices of living friends then as well as others I don't know. I once spent about twenty minutes watching what I nicknamed the "bead people" do a very beautiful dance in front of me. They looked liked figures made of energy dancing with beads or centres of energy throughout their body. Another time "I looked up" and saw a hole with spooky "entities" looking down at me. These looked like white masked face things, that I did not like. I still held out though for a bit a stared right back at them. Generally if I don't like a dream I have taught myself to wake up. Sometimes I feel disoriented and often disappointed that real life isn't so vivid or malleable. I have tried reading and remembering numbers in dreams but they are always muddled. I often find there are visual, symbolism and language rhyming pun elements to my experiences, sometimes I have woken myself up laughing.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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