This may sound silly...

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This may sound silly...

Postby Alphadon » 13 Feb 2017 19:04

...but how do I avoid swallowing saliva when trying to have a WILD? My throat always ends up feeling dried up, and while I can ignore it for some time, it always forces me to come out of hypnagogia before I reach the point of WILDing. I have been making progress with WILD lately, and I have been able to enter much deeper meditative states than before, but I can't quite get there, in part because of this. This also doesn't happen when I'm not lying on my back, but then I can't meditate, either.

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Re: This may sound silly...

Postby dizzyuluru » 13 Feb 2017 20:45

What I do is just focus on my body, and completely ignore every impulse to swallow. If I do that for long enough, the impulse fades and I can continue on.
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Re: This may sound silly...

Postby starsofclay » 04 Apr 2017 19:04

yeah, try to think of it as one of those tests that your body gives you to see if you are still awake. Like the urge to roll over. eventually the urge goes away. Try just elevating your head a little with a pillow or two, so that the saliva seeps down your throat instead of pooling up in the back of your mouth. Then you just have to train yourself to ignore the tickle that that induces.

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Re: This may sound silly...

Postby jasmine2 » 05 Apr 2017 22:00

Perhaps it would help if you sit in recliner chair, or use pillows to position yourself in a semi-reclining position in bed. You could also try using a dry mouth spray - available at drug stores.

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