Stuck in vibrations and sounds as child

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Stuck in vibrations and sounds as child

Postby oldsoul » 14 Feb 2017 04:33

:?: :?: From 5 yrs old I had these confusing nightmares that I couldn't explain as they were nothing but extreme noise and vibrations with no images , but I could feel and see the texture and vibrations. I would be aware that I was stuck and at times become aware of surrounding's n the sun coming up. I would be stuck for hours. I would wake up exhausted n relieved that it was over. They continued but became increasingly intense to the point of being in a panic fearing for my life. The fear would rise n rise with the intensity of sound n vibrations getting louder n closer till it exploded into silence and calm. Relief for a few seconds then it would start rising again repeatedly repeating. I have since realised they must have been panic attacks caused by abuse and torture. I had these until I was around 15 when I learnt to recognise when it was starting. I could feel my body go fuzzy n thick till I was laying in what would be my shadow. At this stage I could force myself awake n to stay awake awhile so as to not slip back into it. I also had to learn not to look into the patterns, as this could cause it n it also would strain my eyes. As an adult I have avoided this by listening to "Friends" episodes on DVD. As I know them off by heart I watch the pictures in my head n not the pictures in my eyes. I also had demons come into them around 11/12 yrs , I once dreamt I was running through the house being chased by one. I woke up running just where I was in my dream. After that night I saw demon n devil faces in anything with a pattern, so I had to avoid looking at them. I was convinced the evil was after me. Just before this I had a near death experience where I stopped breathing , i floated above , I was able to recount what was done n said while i was unconscious. The only thing different was a silver clock ( like in hospitals and schools ) on the wall high up near me . I would like to know if anyone else has seen clocks , or know the meaning. I had this happen another 3 times but with out the clock. I have also experienced some awesome lucid dreams where I just go straight into it mid sleep. I was able to fly often in dreams , now I can move quickly in skating type movements . I've also been able to move objects by concentrating, however I knew that when I used this power I was taking on a debt to be paid back by my purity n soul. Since verbally denouncing any bad energy and spirit's entering into my protected shield these dreams have stopped. I am very spiritual n have always been. When I turned 30 I was diagnosed with CPTSD, this means I've had it from a young child n will always will struggle with it. I now understand that some of those dreams n experiences were my brain processing the trauma. I hope to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences or may have information that may further my understanding. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Re: Stuck in vibrations and sounds as child

Postby lucidé » 14 Feb 2017 06:03

The noise and vibrations are caused because you are close to entering a dream. That you had them for that long is a bit unusual, they usually only last for a few minutes. What I might recommend for this, would probably to listen to some very calming meditation music before you go to sleep.
As far as being chased by demons, perform what is called a reality check each time they start chasing you. Think to yourself each night, "Wait, could demons really be chasing me or am I dreaming this?" When you realize you are actually dreaming this, face up to your demons by summoning a huge weapon from thin air, like a gun or even a chainsaw, and have fun killing those demons, because really, no one will criticize you for killing them. It is quite entertaining to do so.
I had a lucid dream in a medical situation and a traumatic situation myself, so I know what is going on. I was no where near medical help when I ended up having my traumatic situation, so I had to desperately rely on healing myself through my lucid dream. As far as the medical experience, I got accurate depictions of a live video I saw of them playing inside of me while lucid dreaming. I even got the little beauty marks correct. It is entirely possible to lucid dream/dream anytime.

As far as the clocks go, the clocks you saw were subconscious clocks, you can subconsciously dream anything up anytime. And yes I have seen clocks in my lucid dreams before. Often, I see the exact time and the correct clock, but I have been practicing lucid dreaming for a while. A clock is not a strange symbol to see in a dream at all.

The one that is stopping the SP and vibrations from happening to you at night is in fact you. The one who is stopping the bad dreams at night is you. You are the one who is in control. If you decide later you would like to go back and try to control your dreams, then that is entirely up to you.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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