How I met my Dream Teacher

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How I met my Dream Teacher

Postby Price » 14 Feb 2017 06:15

This is not a recent dream, but it it one of those Lucid Dreams that you remember forever.

I realized I was dreaming DILD and started going around town to find a dream character to talk to. There was no one around but this homeless man. I didn't want to talk to a homeless man so I kept looking. I walked past him, but then realized that he was the only person around so I went back and introduced myself. "Do you know that you are a character in my dream?" I asked. He said " I do, and I am here to give you this dog." Sure enough he had a dog with him. He gives me his dog, which is a golden retriever. I go starts to pull on the leash and I let the dog lead me where it wants to go.

The dog is sniffing around looking around and taking me on a brisk walk. Everytime we turn a corner, I am in a new place. The dog becomes the only constant thing as we start jumping from dream to dream, and location to location. Turn the corner and we are in Paris, go through a bush and we and in Oregon. It starts happening faster and faster. It was really cool.

We end up in a field and a woman is there and she is upset to see me. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Before I can answer a bell rings and another woman starts yelling, "Hurry up you will be late!" I follow the angry woman and we run towards an Old Victorian House with a porch. On the porch are all of these people sitting on the ground and a man is sitting on the steps. It appears as if the man is going to start a class. The two women and me sit down and the man starts to teach.

The man looks like Mr. Rogers, but has big thick black glasses on. Later I learn that he will be my Dream Teacher. He is friendly and says that today he is going to teach me about dreams. He says that dreams have many layers. He picks me out of the crowd and gives me his glasses and tells me to put them on. I do. He tells me to shut one eye so I can see only out of my left eye. When I do that I am in another dream. In this dream there is a boy and girl amazonian crawling through the jungle. The girl is leading the way and the boy is following. They are on a hunt. I hear my Dream Teacher tell me to now look only through my right eye. I do this and I am back with my teacher sitting with him on the stairs. "Now, look through both eyes" he tells me. I open up both my eyes. In my left eye, I am the boy in the amazon crawling through the jungle with the girl. With my right eye, I am sitting with my teacher on stairs. My teacher asks me if I can see the similarities between both dreams, see how they are the same. With my dream logic I can sense how both dreams are the same. How the girl is my teacher and she is leading me through the jungle of my dreams, just like how he is teaching me my dreams. "Now take off the glasses." My teacher tells me.

When I take off the glasses, it was as if one dream was projected in one lens, and the other dream was projected in the other lens. Now that the glasses were off I was looking at the naked dream architect. I saw layers upon layers of dreams. I saw myself sitting with my teacher, and I saw the amazon boy moving through the jungle, but there were layers of other dreams, that I only got a glimpse of. I also was aware of how themes and symbols were woven through all of these myriad of dreams. How a question in one dreams was simultaneously answered in another. The dream got so META that I woke up.

Interpretation: It has taken me years to unpack that dream, and I am still unpacking it. What it taught me was the dreams are multilayered. That they are symbols that are "multivocal" that have meanings that change as you grow. For example a christian cross can have many meanings for you, and as you grow and learn new things the meaning of that symbol changes.

Dreams also operate on many levels. People like to categorize dreams into categories such as: stress dream, wish fulfillment, future scenario . Yet dreams often have components of all categories. Also this is why multiple interpretations of dreams can be true. Some people like to think that you are everyone in your dream, or other people have different interpretation techniques. I learned that dreams are built with multiple interpretations in them, so you can find layers of meaning within one dream.

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Re: How I met my Dream Teacher

Postby Sean Jacobs » 14 Feb 2017 13:28

excellent LD Price. :D
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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