Best Techniques for a beginner and some other stuff

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Re: Best Techniques for a beginner and some other stuff

Postby Sean Jacobs » 15 Feb 2017 18:38

Hello eaglehawk.

eaglehawk wrote:So I've been trying to LD for a wile and my I bealive my problem may be I don't know where to start too many Techniques to try so I'm doing alot of reality checks and I do a Mild every night before I sleep going "I will have a lucid dream" so my questions is a MILD/DILD aproach the best for me starting out

I would say yes, these are the least complicated methods and they shouldn't impact your sleep quality. However, just like any challenge in life it will take time, practice and a positive attitude. Personally I use these methods exclusively because most other methods cause me to have insomnia.

eaglehawk wrote:how can i remember to do a RC... I do loads but usually it is cuase my friend says somethingabout LD or I think about LD, things which usually dont appear in my dreams is there a way i can make reallity check triggers get into my dreams.

Remembering to do a RC takes time and practice. Try to find things/events in real life that also show up in your dreams, and then do a reality check when you see those things or encounter those events. For me, I currently do RCs when ever I change location/environment or have been in the same location/environment for more than 15 minutes. I have been using this specific technique for 11 days. It may take 30 - 90 days to burn this habit so deeply into my subconscious mind to where it will feed over to my dreams. Some other suggestions could be, do a RC when: I see the sky, when I see someone I know, when I see a car, etc. Also, make sure "awareness" always accompanies your reality checks. When you remember to do the RC, just before doing the physical RC ask yourself "Am I dreaming" and then look around for anything that looks "dreamlike". After you have done that, then do the physical RC. This will increase your awareness that you could be dreaming at any time, and make doing a RC a habit which can then move over to your dreams.

eaglehawk wrote:My dream recall is dropping so much in the last week i havent remembered a single dream in like 3 days and last week I was having 3 a night thanks to my DJ.

Before you go to bed, tell yourself "I will wake up and remember my dreams." Really "feel" that this will happen. This should help. Personally, I have given up on keeping a dream journal because this also leads to insomnia for me. I just try to remember the last dream of the night (which hopefully is lucid.)

eaglehawk wrote:I've read more REM happens later in the morning but I struggle to go back to sleep and my life means im up at 6:30 on week days for holidays and weekends I wanna be able to stay in bed longer how can i get back to sleeping and dreaming

Yes, your last REM cycle is where you stand the best chance of having a LD because your conscious mind is more engaged during this cycle. I have the same issue, I just can't sleep more than 7 hours a night, no matter how much I want to go back to bed, which means I have less REM time.

eaglehawk wrote:if I wanna try WILD should I do it whne I naturally wake up or set an alarm for like 3- 4 o'clock ... my fear with this is I'll interrupt my dreams

I am no expert on WILD. I have tried it in the past and can never fall back to sleep, which leads to insomnia. So I never use this technique. In my personal opinion it is best to pick one or two techniques and use them faithfully for at least 3 months before trying other techniques. If you are trying to many different thing is confuses your subconscious mind and prevent you from forming habits.

eaglehawk wrote:This makes No sense but thanks for taking the team to read over all my LD questions they have kinda boiled over me cause I've been holding them in im just desperate to get them answwered

I hope this information helps eaglehawk
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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