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New Member - Long Question!

Postby MichaelA » 23 Feb 2017 10:02

Hi, The Forum.

My name is Michael, 56, and I am from the UK.

As an initial post I thought I would get right into it by asking about a particular kind of lucid, (not Lucid), dreaming that I have undertaken for some years, with spasmodic regularity; for which I cannot find any kind of name or explanation.


This one is oft recurring but in different locations, (same country), and in different bodies, both male and female.

I am in North Korea, in a crowd of frightened people, trying to get away from a troop of approaching soldiers.
As we are trying to depart, the soldiers move among us and commence to grab people and pull them away from the throng.
I am beyond terrified; I know that if I am taken I will disappear into one of the Camps.
The terror mounts and I am weeping; I can hear and feel myself and the tears coursing down my face; I am not watching this, it is ME to whom it is happening.

Suddenly a hand grasps my arm, I look down and see a military sleeve and feel my arm being tugged...

At this point I stop and as I do so I am completely calm.

I am now standing and, quietly, watching somebody, (sometimes man, sometimes woman), who is crying and calling out as they are pulled away from me: not from left or right, from front or behind, but FROM who I am.

I am now an observer.
I know I am there watching the events, from among the events, but that I cannot be seen.

I awake.


I am in some kind of large warehouse, moving among the racking, piled with products, and I am attempting to hide from some men who are seeking me; I know they are Mafia, as am I.
I am carrying a heavy, automatic pistol with a silencer attached.

A man appears on the opposite side of the racking from me and as he turns he sees me through a gap.
I am unafraid and I raise the pistol and point it at his face.
He tells me, "You don't got the f**king b*lls!".
I pull the trigger and shoot him in the face and he falls away from me.
At this point a man runs from ME, (moving FROM who I am, like the Korean dream).
I am, once again, quite calm and invisible to the others, and now find myself looking down at the shot man laying on the floor showing all the details of one who has been shot in the face; I never recall how I got to the other side of the huge racking, I'm just there, looking, as his associates gather around him.

I awake.

In a similar scenario my pistol jams and I run through the warehouse attempting to escape from the man who saw me.
I am taken off of my feet by a massive impact that hits me from behind, I know I have been shot; it strikes me in different places, at different times.
I don't separate this time; I just awake.

However, on these occasions, for about 24 hours, during my normal, conscious day, I can feel a defined ache EXACTLY where I was 'shot'.
I did wonder if this was some kind a nerve cramping while I was asleep but if I press upon the area it feels no different; the ache is constant and 'inside'.


Last night, 22 Feb 2017, I was in a plane crash.

There were two pilots and four of us are in seats behind them, set two behind two.
It was a military type aircraft and we are wearing the 'full body' type harness; but I was not in the military.
As the dream started we were already in the act of descending to crash; I can see the ground approaching, we are mere feet above it and there are small trees and bushes ahead of us.

The aircraft hits the ground and the noise is deafening as we slide along the ground, with everything shaking and vibrating around us.
I know I am still alive and although, (for some, unknown, reason), I am not overly scared I do realise that things are shooting across the cabin and coming through the broken windscreen, and the biggest risk is something hitting me in the face: I raise my arms to shield myself.

When everything comes to a halt and it is quiet somebody goes to the door of the aircraft and tries to open it.
They call out that the door is against a tree and cannot be opened, and a fire-axe should be found to try and smash a way out.
At this point a man moves away FROM me to join the fray at the front of the aircraft; I become absolutely calm as I watch them, unseen, commence to start hacking at the side of the aircraft with the axe.

I awoke.


I apologise if this is a long, convoluted initial post but these dreams are quite intriguing to me.

It is always ME to whom things are occurring; until the separation, and then I become an invisible onlooker.

Many thanks for your patience.


These dreams do not have the usual, what I would call, air of vagueness, about them, at the time; no doubt, no 'fluffy edges'.

I am there; it is me; I feel the physical contacts; until the separation when I become an unseen onlooker.

In the dreams similar to the Korean version, I may awake almost immediately, but then I have stayed and moved, unseen, among those that remain, for several minutes, as they cry and lament their loved ones who have been taken.
I say nothing; can say nothing, but I also know that they have nothing to really worry about if they can find the calm that I now have, since the separation.
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Re: New Member - Long Question!

Postby Sean Jacobs » 23 Feb 2017 14:06

Welcome Michael.

Those are very interesting dreams. My opinion is that in all cases you were in a very scary and dangerous situation so you subconsciously "separated" your self from that dangerous situation, and moved your perception to a 3rd person perspective (like watching TV) in order to protect yourself. I have never had this experience, but I do know that anything can happen in a dream.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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